Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 022

On the latest episode of the Tome we are joined by old friends and new friends. New tunes by Lee Noble, The Fun Years, Alapastel, Nadia Struiwigh, yndi halda, Eulogy, Drowse and Siavash Amini & Matt Finney

Lee Noble - "Sanyo Loop" Ashenden (Muzan Editions)

In early 2018 Lee Noble toured Japan and recorded much of this beautiful tape out on Nara, Japan's Muzan Editions. Coming off the heels of one of 2017's best records The Hell You Came In, Noble returns to gentle drones, presence of punctuating organics and an uncanny ear for a pitched note at the right level of abstraction, distortion and conveyed meaning.

the fun years - "a beginners guide to telescopes" a heart to heart about our values (spring break tapes)

The Fun Years are one of those bands where I immediately buy everything they put out. Seminal drone mainstays, The Fun Years is still Ben Recht and Isaac Sparks and they are still putting out some of the most beautiful ambient music out there and still taking the piss out of the seriousness of the whole thing. 

alapastel - "bride of the mountains" hidden for the eyes (slowcraft)

The Slovakian composer's vocal parts for "Bride of the Mountains" are some of those moments that stop you in your tracks. In an otherwise gorgeous collection of neo-classical compositions, "Bride of the Mountains" is a showcase to a serious dedication in craft embedded within an inherently emotional appeal.

nadia struiwigh - "bizarph" whrru (denovali)

On her new album for Denovali, the Rotterdam-based artist moves from surging, busy electronica to gossamer threads of sound reminiscent of Biosphere to full on post-classical, electro-acoustic arrangements of building and cresting movements. An immersive listen and portentous release. Out on Denovali on 04.28.

yndi halda - "A Sun-coloured shaker" a sun-coloured shaker (Sound in Silence)

The Canterbury 5-piece play an affecting form of Post-Rock that remains distant cousins to This Will Destroy You or the more song-based Early Day Miners releases. For their one-song release on Sound in Silence the tight, yet ever-expanding composition massages itself into a mournful classical-inspired pop music in the vein of Efterklang or Peter Broderick

drowse - "The Quickening" Cold Air (The Flenser)

We go way back with Kyle Bates. To hear this latest album by the Portland band is a revelation and culmination of all of the warped, warbled MBV-meets-bed(gloom) experiments in self-documenting Kyle's journey with his mental health. These manifestations, however, are presented with a clarity and triumphant resolve that is only befitting for Drowse's Flenser release. I'm pretty sure all LP's are sold out, I'm also pretty sure you will see this again on all sorts of best-of lists. 

eulogy - "fire sermon pt. 1" into the heart of light (self-released)

The Indianapolis OMM artist cites "Neurosis, Snapcase, King Crimson and John Fahey" as musical inspirations, while the content of this twisting-and-turning epic is somewhere close to Oliver Sacks deep looks into the way our brains process and relate to information. Coursing through synapses and crashing into stylistic shifts and data rushes from pole-to-pole, Eulogy is an overloaded, huge album full of peeks into a mind too full of ideas to contain them all.  

siavash amini & matt finney - "Jesus fish" gospel

When Matt Finney says his next record is going to be "tough", please believe that. Matt Finney has never flinched when looking straight into the eyes of the void - into Southern lives torn apart (or never really had a chance) by addiction, poverty, religion, abuse, divorce and deeply disturbed genealogies. His second record with Iranian experimental artist gives Matt Finney's spoken word recounting of sexual violence and religion the right amount bleeding industrial edge and deep discomfort. It's amazing to me that close to 8 years later and I am still writing about and deeply affected by Finney's work. He is always able to find the best choices in collaborators to become not just vehicles, but worlds where his unfortunate cast of characters live in. 

March 19th, 2018