Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 021

A seamlessly blissful hour of ambient, modern classical, drone and post-folk tracks. Make sure you support the artists by clicking on the links beneathe their photo and picking up a CD, tape or LP. 


dedekind cut - "The Crossing Guard" tahoe (kranky)

Definitely my most anticipated release of 2018. Following up with an even more lush, inviting and world-making to the ground-breaking $uccessor, Dedekind Cut has made the ambient record of the year. 

spencer vh - "acceptance" acceptance (self-released)

A lovely, floating track rooted in a minimalist piano line with well-placed accents of barely brushed bass and askew synthesizers that maximize the tracks ethereal and mysterious origins. Perhaps born in a Myst-stylized cliffside overlooking self-generating waves of crystalline blue?


In what's become one of my favorite finds this year, Gray Acres is an album that searches far and wide and deep into tiny crevices along the hearts surface. Tiny pin pricks that bring down an otherwise healthy emotional ship. Twin brothers Andrew and Michael Tasselmyer also create music under Hotel Neon in Philadelphia.

ancient ocean - "benthic life" neró: a collection of works 2010-2016 (Field Hymns)

The forlorn spellcasting of slide guitar above eliding drones of pure prismatic light is something that will never not raise goosebumps. This collection of skeletal arrangements on the always amazing Field Hymns has the plug-in-and-play immediacy and lovingly crafted arrangements that punctuate John Bohannon's collected work. 

dura - "marble templar, k.g." repetition supression (scissor tail editions)

Creating work under Dura, Mattson Ogg has often buried his delicate fingerpicking guitar style under blankets of golden-hour drone. For his latest on our good friends Scissor Tail Editions, Dura plays these songs with little accruement. Just himself an electric guitar and old amplifiers and the sounds of his shuffling feet from late night walks through his old neighborhood. The record comes in a beautiful package of handmade sketch books. Limited to 50.


christopher whitley - "Cremations (IV)" - hecca autre (A.V.A)

"Cremations IV" is a simply a small taste of the beautifully augmented song-cycles on the Canadian violinists newest album. The song lurches forward in a self-determined linear journey. The violin's timbre glitching and sputtering underneath heavy electronic editing. 

Walt Thisney - "Walking Home" Piano Moods for a Lo-Fi Living (Illuminated Paths)

While I am not always sure what to make of the Lisbon, Portugal artists online persona, I am sure that these treacly, highly emotional solo piano tracks embody a sort of nocturnal, somewhat disjointed blurriness that comes after sleep deprivation and bit too much to drink. A lovely take on deconstructed home listening classical music.

aries mond - "please" come on let's wait (eilean records)

Continuing in Eilean Records flawless release schedule, the French pianist Aries Mond is not afraid of silence. He lets notes ring out into a void populated by little else than the mechanical sounds of the piano itself. It's a beautiful and stately record that contemplates space and timing in novel ways.

emmanuel witzthum - "soft rain falls.  winter solitude. at night, still" songs of love and loss (eilean records)

Songs composed for viola, voice and electronics, Songs of Love and Loss is the NYC classical artists latest in a canon of songs poured full of emotion, love and drone. 


zach zinn - "lunar pill. solar pill" upon rising at dawn, i was unware (self-released)

Zach Zinn is an Olympia, WA based experimental artist who's art evokes ritual and ecstatic communication. "Lunar Pill. Solar Pill" Zach reaches deep and pulls out some some gorgeous crystalline drones that stem from some dream-time elsewhere. 

March 7th, 2018