Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 020

This Episode is all about beats. Hard techno, junk loops, vaporwave chemtrails, dance floor sweat lodges. Don't let the real Kurt Rambis fool you. Sucker free hour

18andcounting & the only ensemble - "hunter" - animal skins (Dismal niche)

"Hunter" from 18andcounting & The Only Ensemble is one of the few artists who could cover Björk and bring something completey new to it. Moving from stuttering, paranoid beats into an anxiously violin-bowed cacophony held under steady command by 18andcounting expressionistic, but fully communicative vocals, Hunter hits hard and square in the gut.

Mezzanine Swimmers - "black cat in heat" - black cat in heat (already dead/fire talk)

Detuned and dirty from dragging its underbelly through some dank back alley, this feral new collection of songs from Mike Greene burst and bloom with the hot and busy claustrophobia of a car with the windows up and a cassette melting into the tape deck.

hdmirror - "pure 2" - anthems (Genot Centre)

All the giddy thrill of watching reality become completely unhinged but doing so with enough presence of mind to describe every sensation in hidef clarity. A bustling, breaking, always peaking cut from the Berlin producer's excellent album on Genot Centre.

Celldöd - "Kall Fusion" Kall Fusion (Medical Records)

Starting off this relentless block of hard techno tracks from Medical Records is the Swedish producer Celldöd. An aggressive dance floor EBM/Techno crossover to soundtrack all of your post-apocalyptic raves.

Lab Personnel - "A2 2-3" Recreation (Medical Records)

Diving deeper into hardware techno world is the Croatian supergroup Lab Personnel. Specializing in pulsing, hard pounding erstwhile techno, the opening track to Recreation hits hard but still manages to sound warm and up-close.

Émanton - "Breathe Outside de Box" Post Tenebras Lux (Medical records)

Argentinean producer and purveyor of "hard esoteric/mystical/mega darkness sound" crafts an intriguing dance track that slowly melts into a hail storm of freaked out electronics toward the songs conclusion. Perfect collapse and ending for this Medical Records triptych.

kurt rambus - "8:08AM" - self-titled (illuminated paths)

The enigmatic Kurt Rambus - not to be confused with this Kurt Rambis - is the moniker of Nigel John, an Orlando based DJ and producer who holds a commanding swagger and attention on his latest collaboration with the ever-prolifc and omnivorous Illuminated Paths label. 

German Army - "Silencing the Past" - More Bitter Fruit (Discrepant)

The San Bernadino occultist dream duo stick to the confines of the sweltering rain forest of water-logged synths where CIA coups and embargo deals hang thick in the air like suspended moisture. A perennial Tome favorite, More Bitter Fruit is a surprisingly great late-entry or mid-entry or early-entry release in the duo's ever expanding catalog. Germany Army is timeless.

Jones - "Diazavert" - Prescriptbr / The Taureg Breaks (Illuminated Paths) 

Hush hush reissue of a beautifully paced beats record that includes a righteous meditation on Mike Tyson's single-minded drive and spirituality. Beautiful pathways on this one. 

Percival Pembroke - "Arc System Works" - Apreggiatorworld++ (Genot Centre) 

A near 40 track masterpiece of self-generating digital landscapes fully rendered in bubbling arpeggios dreamcast drones. 

AF85 -  "ACC" ハイパーオリンピック (Diamond Edition) - (Genot Centre)

In what could be seen as a contender for a top spot in the albums of the year, the all-positivist-all-the-time midi vocal textures and floating drones stick an arrow in that quivering lump of feels vibrating nervously in your chest. Act without fear in the presence of love.

Matthew Bertram - "Loading" - Justice Manor (Illuminated Paths)

"Loading" is a playful, sly and tasteful late-night track slipping into something a bit more comfortable. Lobby music of some slinky back alley android speakeasy.  

Pray for Triangle Zero - "Longing" #100 (Illuminated Paths)

Lot's of music is described as sounding like having multiple tabs open on your browser and all of them playing at once. "Longing" is about the closest we will ever get to that ear-hole exfoliating experience. A thousand voices all singing at different pitches, from different hellscapes of a lawnmower man digital prison.

February 26th, 2018