Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 019

Heavy on the drones, modern compositions and experimental music from all over the world, this subdued episode welcomes two new artists to the Whited Sepulchre family - Sympathy Pain and Brianna Kelly. As always, support these artists and labels by clicking on the links under each picture and purchasing a tape or two. 

sympathy pain - "blanket burner" brianna kelly/sympathy pain split (whited sepulchure records)

Curating a podcast is kind of like getting all-time dibs on the aux cord. In that spirit I am sharing with you two tracks from an upcoming split cassette on Whited Sepulchre Records, a label I run. Sympathy Pain is Skyler Hitchcox (FKA Silver Antlers) and Casey Hansen of Cult Leader (Deathwish Records). The two imbue these slowburning droney, post-rock songs with living shadows and dead reflections. 

brianna kelly "sanctus" brianna kelly / sympathy pain split (whited sepulchure records)

The other half of this split belongs to Cincinnati artist Brianna Kelly whose patient, wonder-filled songs play out against a ribbon of deep baritone guitar and a voice that seems to seep out of every corner - like light-illuminated dust sifting through loose floorboards. Brianna also sings and plays guitar in the indie rock band Soften

landry riba - "time to listen" mountain songs (self-released)

Andorran composer and bassist Landry Riba has created a really wonderful EP here. Songs built around simple, additive themes that build and break in a pattern that keeps time with your ever growing emotional attachment to them. 

bruno sanfillippo - "lux" unity (dronavirm)

Argentinian Modern classical pianist employs a monastic sense of reverence to his compositions for piano, voice and string. Moving fragments that circle each other in the harmonious dance of our atomized core.

leaaves "the cruelty of orbit" panacea for lightweights (katuktu collective)

Nate Wagner - Finland btw of Philly (just ask him about those Eagles) - is a young maestro in the game. Contemplative and mindful drones make up the living core of this tape, a lightbending, gravitational pull to the center while sparks hover just outside the periphery. 

oxherding - "circular movements" circular movements in the sky (dismal niche)

Saint Louis, MO ambient hopeful and all around great human, Fitz Hartwig's Oxherding project feel completely wide open - from bubbling arpeggios to the huge swelling organs and swells of fuzz lapping over and over like an ocean through tiny speaker-sized holes. A wonderful addition to a growing body of work. 

tapes and topographies - "a year of disappointments" fathoms (simulacra)

Former Crushed Stars founder reaches for desperation and pulls down quiet resignment. Beautiful sound craft here on the warped analog pulls of aching synth melodies and an amplified noise floor of swirling, inky grey drones.

fahmi mursyid - "hareup" fahmi mursyid / ngc 4414 split (tandem tapes)

Jakarta Indonesia based Tandem Tapes is quickly becoming one of my favorite labels. It seems like half of their artists are pulled from the pool of experimental music that the Tome swims in and half are undiscovered gems from around the world the Indonesian based Fahmi Mursyid. I find myself lucky to have discovered something like Mursyid's soundclash of the sacred and profane. Gorgeous vocal drones beneath playful, exploratory electronics that ward off any tendency for the heavy hand. 

presidiomodelo - "mope" presidiomodelo / Machinefabriek split (tandem tapes)

I selected this wonderfully building and ascending track by Novosibirsk, Russia sound artist because we all know, or should know, how anything Machinefabriek brings to the table is going to spot on. A cycling, austere track suddenly breaks into a humid and busy crescendo that pulses along with submerged bass line and the high pitched buzz of carnivorous insects at dawn. 

February 19th, 2018