Sleep Drive

I completely understand the implications of using a platform such as your own blog to promote a record put out on the label you run. But I will be completely honest with you. I NEED you to hear this. Here's why. Writing about music on this blog has lasted longer than my relationship with my wife, taken me through two degrees and two years of Peace Corps. For all of that time spent writing and even more time being paid attention to listening to music there have been few albums that have had such immediate return on investment as this record. From the plodding percussion and commanding lead synth line of "Hood" to the hypnotic looping of massaged drones and off-kilter beats of "Kasuisai" to the maximum melt and buried piano pieces fighting through cumulous layers of softened noise in cicada lifecycle appearances on the sidelong ambient B-Side of "Msdass", Sleep Drive is a record that had me completely transfixed without any sense of lost time.

It has been a de-centering experience watching response move to passion and from passion  to calculated plans, spreadsheets, budgets, hours in front of a computer sending press e-mails into the void. But at the heart of it, putting out a record is not very different than gushing on a music blog about a piece of music. You love it and you hope by exposure through a forum, that this discovery you made will spread through viral replication, setting off triggers of those who are genetically predisposed to share in the same idiosyncratic joy-finding in cloud-scraping ambient passages, aching silence between the crisp snap of a plodding beat, the giddy sense of being lost in a room of funhouse mirrors that stretch and compress synth lines into kaleidoscopic controlled chaos. I know there are people out there who feel the same way. Weirdos who feel the same heart-stirring in decaying tone. That's why I feel no type of way about writing about this record on this site. I NEED you to hear this. The same way I NEED you to hear every album by every artist I write about. In this case, if you like this record and decide to purchase it, you will be helping the label continue to put out music that I feel is absolutely vital for people to hear. 

September 16th, 2016