Heligator 003: Problems That Fix Themselves - "Elsie"

"Elsie" starts with a long, sustained tone usually indicative of something dying. That tone when all other dynamics in pitch just lie flat and are stretched as straight and menacing as the parallel on the EKG machine. But remember, a blue line also means your pregnant. So, don't adjust your speakers. "Elsie" announces itself into the world about 15 seconds in with all the grandeur a busted speaker and a dying synthesizer can sing out in a transcendent swan song of decaying electronics somewhere between the worlds of Basinski and Yellow Swans. This is heavy spectral. A ghost that got its weight up.

Problems That Fix Themselves is comprised of Joshua Tabbia and Alex Borozan. Joshua Tabbia is the owner and proprietor of the insanely prolific tape label Already Dead Cassettes who releases a gazillion rad tapes a year.

As always, every dollar you spend at Heligator Records goes directly to maintaining a library at the Malindza Refugee Camp in Swaziland, Africa. To find out more about how your money helps refugees please check out our blog at http://malindzarefugeecamplibrary.blogspot.com

Your purchase not only supports experimental music that could only exist through these outlets, as well as literacy and self-sufficiency for those who have been the victims of war, genocide and xenophobia. Win. Win.

Ryan H. 

November 18th, 2013