Secret Pyramid

Movements of Night

Secret Pyramid plays the kind of elegiac, structural guitar-based drone that makes comparisons seem redundant. The way Amir Abbey slowly bends waves of feedback into shooting arcs of golden light, or the way a pulsing ebb of a half-melodic guitar line gently nudges its way up through the substrate is ground well trod by other drone based Canadians (Abbey is from Vancouver) who swim in Superior Lake sized baths of aural light. Even if this kind of music had no reference points, if it just materialized out of a self-aware amplifier channeling feedback from higher, purer planes, or was uncovered on a gold-plated 45 RPM record that was sent to us from a parallel world now millions of light-years past their global warming type collapse and eventual super nova of their star-sun, this album would still rule. 

Here's why.

Movements of Night isn't some amorphous, rudderless passage of noise upon noise, this thing has backbone, and hinted at in the album opener, "A Descent", a beating heart. Underneath the soft-ache of a searching, blunted drone is a beat fluttering around 60 BPM, the same BPM of a very faint (if not dying) heart. This can be slightly disorienting if your heart is racing much faster than this. You wouldn't, for example want to take this on a run. But fixating onto slowly fading guitar lines and sustained white-feedback should automatically take your heart rate down to somewhere around this level. "Closer", however, like much of the album is sans time-keeping. Instead, it relies on a meticulous sense of inner-ocean tidal ebb and flow of crashing waves of guitar drone. "Move Through Night" is a looped melody plucked out in an understated minor key on a piano reverberating and vibrating forever under a thick pall of reverb. These are subtle reminders that even within the cloistered form of ambient-drone there is ample room for variety, mutation, individuality and faceless channeling of noise.

Movements of Night hits affects of deeply felt melancholy and rich despondency. This is one of those albums you keep close to your chest to ward off serious bouts of depression and to keep your faith in the power of this kind of ambience. One of the year's best in the ambient-drone parking lot. 

Ryan H.

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Secret Pyramid "A Descent" from billy gomberg on Vimeo.

October 7th, 2013