Scott Valkwitch


This tape has been making its way around Tome central for a few months. It would be a pity not to post on this delicious little slab of guitar abuse. InfFraReD kind of harsh miasma that is sculpted from waves of adjacent static. The deep roaring drone of the highway. A thousand oscillating shards of noise circling like mechanical crickets in humming in baritone. The choicest, purest white from contact mic feedback. I absolutely love how Side A sends off high pitched guitar sounds like sparks from a blacksmith's hammer, some slowly burn as embers sinking into oily rags, others shoot across darkened room in spectacular, singing glory only to burn out too soon. I swear towards the end of Side A, these peels of guitar feedback sound exactly like a cat in distress/heat or a gust of wind so laden with blackness and grit that it rips the shutters off windows and pours sand through even the tiniest holes. This is some A+ guitar slaying from a Buffalo, NY experimental music mainstay.

Side B, was recorded live at Hallwall's in Buffalo, NY. The piece dips and peaks, ebbs and flows between a looped music box that eventually sounds so clipped and hiccuping that it literally made me feel physically ill. The rest of side B bounds through the harshness of metal-on-metal contact mic torture, the jet-engine suck of every instrument on at the same time all at once and ends on an elegiac, albeit doom-laden, guitar passage that fills the last 2/3 of side B with a refreshing come-down after having been pummeled without remorse for about 30 minutes. Kind of like Noveller channeling Birchville Cat Motel

Scott Valkwitch plays in a pretty exciting noise-rock group called Bear Flame out of Buffalo, NY. Get this from the excellent House of Alchemy label. They have yet to disappoint.

Order here from House of Alchemy.

Ryan H.

September 30th, 2013