Chemists // 化学者

Slow House Virtual

"The whole idea behind this project is to go into recording a song with no idea, goal, genre or type of sound in mind. Just pick a instrument and start recording (despite the genre)." This is Danny Bozella's M.O. in recording Slow House Virtual. I'm going to start with calling bullshit on that. First, I have no idea what this sentence really means. The syntax really hurts my brain. Second, who does that? Who picks up an instrument and convinces themselves that they are just "playing" completely uninformed by genre or any preconceived idea? No one. That's who.

After rage-reading this two-sentence intro, I actually listened to the album and repented of my above paragraph. There is so much floating and staying alive in this album. Slow House Virtual is full of centerless, bottomless pieces of music cut from a larger tapestry into tiny, pencil-thin crevices that sink deep-deep into petroleum deposits made of once living creatures. The album is not really "eclectic" enough to give much credence to Bozella's claim. Much of the music is pretty comfortable riding out the vibes on the way out of Chillwave town and catching the first monorail into Vaporwave's 3D metropolis. But there is something in the music's spontaneous, joyful sense of discovery after fixating on a guitar line or a smeared, super 8 textured drone and looping it backwards through a couple of filters that is really endearing. The album does seem pretty heavily edited after the fact, but it is hard not to get a small high from sharing the incredible feeling of discovering neat sounds along with Bozella.

Clocking in at only 15 minutes, this album is slight. Rarely does a track go over three minutes. But contained therein are simple, honest musical ideas and that kind of first-thought-best-thought attitude that diminishes with age and the familiarity with seeing your name attached to something. Slow House Virtual, despite my initial reaction, is an album that revels in its own peculiarity. It is excited with its own existence and overeager to share all the neat sounds that can be produced with phenom craft and youthful naivety.

Bozella is also in a band called Rem's Floating Chandelier.  

Ryan H.

July 31st, 2013