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Imagine it: buried under six feet of snow, a dad's liquor cabinet full of whiskey, a dusty, freezing attic, your friends, some amps and drums and a shitty PA. What do you do in this situation? You get frusterated, drunk, wish you were in the tropics, then procede to kick the crap out of yourselves and record some music. Something like this happened to the Syracuse, NY band who no longer make music together for reasons that are probably very stupid and inconsequential. Tragedies aside, what came out of these wintery sessions is a very cold and sinister brand surf rock, which protrudes from the spools of this tape in sharp, blunt projectiles at blistering speeds—don't be surprised if you find yourself battered and bruised by the end of side A. The group claws its way through each performance with knives for nails, feverishly plucking razor wires for strings and battering drum heads and cymbals with brittle bones. Tempo shifts slap you across the face as a breakneck blast screeches to a slinky groove in a track like "North Face." Horrifying vocal shrieks pummel the ear drums, discordant guitar gnarls scrape like the nastiest of road rashes, and overall things just get brutal on these seven tracks—even when the band "calms it down" for the Q Lazzarus cover of "Goodbye Horses," they still brood and build to a menacing climax.

This is offered for free on bandcamp, lest you want a tape, which is actually a more appropriate way to experience the thing... as usual.


Prison Art


Audio stream of "Pixel" ::

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October 17th, 2011