Fresh Flesh

s/t Cassette

I'm not sure why I'm posting about a tape I got at Titwrench Fest this year that was self-released last year, does not exist on the internet anywhere for sale, is difficult to google lest you're actually looking for hardcore porn, and is... this completely bizarre. It's probably because it's actually so good. This is the music of a girl named Zoë Solomon from Toronto, Canada. Zoë has a friend named Stacey Lloyd Brown who created some crunchy digi-beats that flood only the A-side of a self-made re-dubbed cassette (let me tell you... the B-side of this tape is some of the most god-awful crap I've ever heard. I sincerely *hope* it's not more Fresh Flesh. The male vox and... crappiness of it all make me feel safe in assuming that it is not). Anyway, even if you can't grip a copy of this wonderful tape, hopefully this post will lead you to follow for whatever might be next from Fresh Flesh. Whatever that might be, you can bet your ass I'll be on top of it.

Because this is... weird (did I mention that already?). And amazing. Zoë's got rhythm, smarts, and swagger here—even with that monotone voice, the girl's got real attitude. She raps about what she knows: Crystals, spaceships, vomiting, ham. Like I said, weird. She performs by playing her tracks on a Walkman and rapping into a sampler/effector, warping her voice for key words like "orgasm," to stretch and alter ideas into palpably psychedelic incarnations. A lot of it is playfully poetic, silly, and mostly just plain fun. There's a cleverness to the compositions, too, like on this "Reverse Rapture" track which features a backwards beat with forwards rapping, followed immediately by the same beat forwards and backwards rapping—in real time no less (I saw her do it... incredible).

I don't see how anyone like this will ever "make it" in the music world doing what she does, but that makes it all the more awe-inspiring. Who is this person and why does she rule this hard? I need more. For now, at least you can check out her MySpace page (linked below) and tell me I'm wrong if you're a total dick or something. Otherwise, hopefully she'll make it back to Denver for next year's Titwrench, which was completely off the hook this past month. Sophomoric, amateur... whatever. This tape is great, and so is Fresh Flesh.


Fresh Flesh on MySpace Music

Fresh Flesh performing "Fountains of Youth" (the song about her magic healing vomit) with The Face at what is obviously the ragin'est house party in Toronto of all time::

September 3rd, 2011