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You Can Handle More / Split with Trudgers / A Guide to Healing

Does a digital 7" even make sense? Is it really just an excuse to release two songs without the hassle of pressing a record and charging $8 for it? Well, we will have none of that. Here are a few cassettes and 7"'s that have been floating around our inbox/mailbox that had to get out there. They are either free digitally or available only on physical format. Please bear with the brief and slapdash "reviews", but please graciously accept the links at the bottom of each post. Onward.


I think I can, thank you! This oh-so brief introduction to Seattle? Portland's? Mink Throat Featurette. While precious little can be gleaned from the internet, YOU CAN HANDLE MORE is a glowing, hyper kid brother of a 7" that jumps freely from glorious almost-breakcore on the eponymous track sampling from kid's television shows on a rudimentary drum machine to dark piano chords on the other "side" "Hype C". Jason Forrest's latter stuff on Deathbomb Arc or SLC's VCR5 may be a good introduction. Nevertheless, YOU CAN HANDLE MORE has been on non-stop repeat since I heard it a week ago.

Free Download on Bandcamp

KEVIN gREENSPON – Split with Trudgers (Bathetic, 2011)

Listening to this album after watching Kevin play live in SLC on the 19th made a lot of sense. Kevin's live sets are usually comprised of medleys made up of short snippets of his songs spread across numerous releases, sort of like a Black Eyed Pea's Disney Channel medley (his words, not mine). Comprised of one single track, his side of the split with Trudgers moves slowly from heartaching drones, into harsh noise and back again in about seven minutes. Nowhere does the beauty or the decay ever feel forced. Field recordings, gorgeous volume swells, strummed chords and contact mic squalor lap slowly into each other gracefully and naturally. For someone who plays quiet, quiet, loud, quiet live, Greenspon shows he is a master of dynamics on tape. 

Order Kevin Greenspon / Trudgers Split Cassette from Bathetic

High wolf – A Guide to Healing (Bathetic, 2011)

Bathetic Records is so hot right now. With releases from Wet Hair, Cloudland Canyon, Scott Tuma, Sparkling Wide Pressure and upcoming 12" from King Dude, Bathetic is worth keeping a close eye on every couple of weeks. Chances are your favorite artist will be releasing something with them. This last minute scramble is my punishment for not keeping up with them. This latest 7" from the Brazilian psych-drone-nuage-ganja-mystic is something altogether amazing. Circling drones and blazed-out Kraut ascending guitar lines lead a golden spiral deep into the heart of Ganges - simultaneously the the purest and most filthy water in the world. Total bliss.

Order A Guide to Healing 7" on Bathetic Records

Ryan H. 

March 31st, 2011