It's the "weirdo, lo-fi..." edition. jazz-prog-noise from Peru, hypnotic electronic music from Poland, French synth-pop, Irish instrumental rock ballads and everything in between. A heavy selection from some unclassifiable jammers from around the world. 

Strië - "Perpetual Journey" Perpetual Journey (Serein)

In 1957 the U.S.S.R launched Laika – a stray dog found wandering the streets of Moscow – into space, forever memorializing her as the first animal to orbit the earth. Her journey has been a constant source of inspiration for musicians describing the feeling of journey and travel or the brief moments transcendence that life sometimes lobs our way. Olga Wojciechowska – the Polish artist who performs under the moniker Strië – uses the conceit of a dog shot into space to give a narrative framework to her compositions. On Perpetual Journey Strië unfolds layer after layer of sound as the seconds tick by on each composition. It is easy to get the sense of journey from earth to the above. A deep, rhythmic base root these songs in something inherently terrestrial: the faint throb of a bass line, the percussive rumble of field recordings of shuffling feet, tinkling bells and the crackle and hiss of sound passing through some mechanism existing outside of the digital realm.

Sumuposauttaja -  "Side A (Excerpt) Coolest Tracks 2013-2017 (Cudighi Records)

The Finnish electronic artist's new tape on Cudhigi is a perfect summary of a sweaty summer night house show pulsing deep into the night. Tables piled high with analog equipment, you, sober-ish and too old to be at such a house show creating a physical barricade between the overly-intoxicated young woman swaying precariously close to 10K of audio equipment.Woozy percussion and psychedelic dips and drifts like an acid drip from your spine - tracers of a younger you occupying a drunker space in another living room years ago.


More dense and florid percussion-led tracks full of shambolic mystical rights and lucid-tripping via ferric spiritual transference. German Army is a schedule one narcotic with newly discovered health benefits only now discovered by scientists but known by seekers for centuries. 

Magic from Space -  "marblemadness" 4 HSP ć ASMR vol. 1 (Ingrown Records)

Named after one of the most frustrating Nintendo games ever created, this small slice of lo-fi outer space party jams tracks well to its namesake's seemingly never-ending twists and turns and near cliff-edge antics. Featuring a broken alien bass line and a noise table of electronics and keyboards' tuned to the exact sine wave frequency of our closest extra-terrestrial's Adult Contemporary Top 40, Magic From Space is a freaked out house party on junk electronics and inhaled stardust.


Based out of Lima, Peru this amalgam free-jazz, noise-rock, prog-fusion group has been one of the best out-of-left-field finds I've stumbled upon this year. A totally frank takedown and build-up of varied modes forming together in a flying V of kaleidoscopic visions of freedom. Making up the "B-Side" to the accompanying 20 minute "A-Side of Cábala, "Réplica" brings in the natural world through field recordings as well as a saxophone doing mimicing dissonant animal noises. It's a humid and disorienting trek through dense bush of proggy-noisy-jazz.

Alex Cunningham - "Fiddle pt. 2" Fiddle (Personal Archives)

"...On Fiddle, Cunningham unplugs, and through a series of sharp sketches and stretches he grinds on his fiddle with composed abandon. Cunningham begins the cassette with the only improvisations for which he's given himself a constraint - "improvise a fiddle tune - and it's with a self-direction that we see him bleeding between a slow-building wispy gristle and increasingly agile runs of melodicism." - Nick Potter from the Columbia Experimental Music Festival Pairing Guide Zine. 

ADDERALL CANYONLY - "some sort of sacrifice maybe LUCID IN A WASTED way (NULLZONE)

Since being exposed to Aderall Canyonly's work since 2011's It Was a Dark and Stoney Night on Field Hymns, it is always exciting to hear which screwball direction he will take this kind of action-adventure film scoring, techno-night drive through some near-future apocalypse. Chunky power chords, palm-muted riffage, sizzling 80's neon synths riding a heavy drone throughout the track - it's all there. Some forgotten score to some deep Hollywood Video direct-to-VHS gem. Bless this mess.

Big Debbie -  "Wide open Mouth (your eyes)"Ab Ra Ca Deb Ra (Ratskin Records)

"Wide Open Mouth" is the opening salvo to AB RA CA DEB RA on Ratskin Records. It is a fork-in-the-wall-socket slab of all-in-the-red distorted post-punk, disembodied vocals floating in the deadlights of a darkwave dirge. Filtered through early 00's noise-rock bombast and 80's Left Coast punk experiments with minimalism and sheer menace, this is resurrected agitprop with teeth. A welcome addition to a roster industrial-punk upstarts including UNIFORM, Echo Beds and Street Sects.

Lime Eyelid - "5" Week of Wonders

Bedroom doom rock made with depleted bank account of fucks given. Throughout the series of tracks on Josh Schultz's project, the simplicity of the recording - a 4-track with seemingly little else beyond the instruments on this record - belie a strong dedication to craft even when the whole thing feels like it is about to burst apart at the seams. A transmission coming from the same kind of strange DIY universe as OSR Tapes / Zach Phillips alternate reality.

DeadMan's Ghost - "Trip switch down" Saccadic Rhythms (Ephem-Aural)

Hailing from North Ireland the duo known as Deadman's Ghost is a lovely instrumental rock piece that doesn't fall into the trappings of post-rock so easily done within the genre. Instead, it's a patient and unfolding post-punk inspired track that moves and builds in intensity without the never-ending charge into crescendo-core wankery. The heavily augmented chorus pulses and breathes with a forlorn light of  a home you are retuning to and the split second decision to keep driving or resume your tired life. Saccadic Rhythms is included in a lovely batch from the consistent Ephem-Aural. 

Rémi Parson - "Cerise Teatr" Arrière-Pays (Isolaa Records)

It what has amounted to my new favorite pop record of the year, the French synth-pop, shoegaze artist Rémi Parson creates music of great melancholy but also never-ending serotonin washes in his hooks well-tested Cure-heavy bass lines. It's an unexpectedly and undeniably great pop late-year pop record. 

International Surrealist Bulletin - "Immanuel" Immanence (Ephem-Aural)

On the new International Surrealist Bulletin, and especially on "Immanuel" there is a new focus on creating transcendent and meditative spaces in the well-worn grooves of traditional forms of music. Gospel, spirituals and monastic music are replete through these tracks, imbuing them with expansive qualities of existing beyond and outside the magnetic tape it was created on. 

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 How the Night Came - "I: HN03" Acid Music 

How the Night Came creates uneasy and unsettling drones from Japan written using a chordal sequence following the chemical formula for acid. Influenced by everything from House of Low Culture to the Silent Hill II soundtrack, this floating piece of astral fog is a wisp more than an island enveloping mass. It curls and snakes around changing tonal frequencies, heavy chord changes and an omnipresent heaviness that settles over "I:HNO3" like low ground cover condensation. 

Kuvallini - "Exaltation" 

The Ukraine-based artist is adept at pulling golden distortion out of a noisy groundfloor while under the influence of reverb-heavy piano lines that bend under his will. These tones service a confounding, aleatoric beat pattern that builds slowly into a cacophony of all-machines-on-style noise before gently cresting and settling back into previous modes of mellowed harshness and max moodiness.

Flora Pantanal - "Forcefield" 

Following in the same tight pattern of synthwave revivalists SURVIVE, Flatliner and Com Truise, Flora Pantanal is a nightdrive through some retro-futurist metropolis on some dire mission. Throbbing bass lines, arpeggiated synths and soaring melodies on the chorus give "Forcefield" the feeling of a linear rave-up that ends in a fiery disaster. It's laser-focused melodies throttling up into the glowing, mechanical night.

Goldkiwi - "Clair" 

A gorgeous piano-led track that holds all of the sonic qualities of the unadorned instrument in harmony with one another. The percussive movement of mallets against strings, the mechanical movements of a machine moving in sync with its components. These sounds are paired with a ebullient drone that occurs halfway through, shepherding the track into some holy sphere. This is my first introduction to the Austrian composer's work. 

deru - "refuge" Torn in two (friends of friends)

Deru's second single off of Torn in Two is a grandiose build-and-bloom composition that moves from propulsive, Philip Glass inspired minimalism to rafter-scraping electronically manipulated harshness. The pull into more distorted tonality is done as a logical end to the gradual build in intensity from the lush string and woodwinds into an aching crescendo. This is Deru at his best.

Lunar Femmes - "Celestial Dread" Stargazers

The British/Mexican-American of Charlotte Marshall and Emily Ontiveros is full of beautiful tones slid between the fabric of time through astral projection file sharing. These kind of long distance creative partnerships allow for the careful tinkering and unhurried additions that seem to dominate this track. Heavy synth pulls layer over simple arpeggios of modular warmness. It's one of those bathwater warm synth excursions that seem to pull you all the way under until you melt.

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Ivan Kamaldinov - "Sunblind" Unrest

Beautiful floating vocal tones on the lead single from the Russian based ambient artist. It's hard to find anything in here that won't immediately light up the pleasure centers of listeners naturally attuned to this kind of ambient-drone. Edgeless pulsating tones, vocals submerged below waves of droning static, completely sanded smooth output that strikes an excellent counterbalance between golden noise and sustained tones. 

Klangriket - "Bjork" tjarn

Fabian Rosenberg , the Swedish based composer, has created a track that begins as a solo piano melody buried under sheets of reverb, that blooms into life by end of the track’s lifespan by employing aching, glowing drones in rhythmic measure. The tack is lit from within by some ebullient glowing bulb shining through the distinct ties to Scandinavian winters and forlorn forests in repose against grey skies.

Xander Naylor - "Ghost Logic" Transmission

After suffering an injury that left him unable to play or practice the guitar, the NYC-based jazz/out guitarist slowly and painfully began to reteach him how to play through cultivating deep wells of inner strength through meditation and yoga. These practices payed off in a big way as "Ghost Logic" leads a coiterie of strings, upright bass, synths,  percussion and unhinged vocals through a hide-and-seek of game through passages of free expression into reveries of tightly orchestrated, highly technical run throughs with the joy and ecstasy of someone free to indulge in a joy they never thought they would have again. It's a shredder.

Colin Stetson - "The End" The First 

If there is anything that will get me to watch HULU original programming with Sean Penn, it's a score by Colin Stetson. Sending his characteristic baritone saxophone through a jet-engine centrifuge of effects, these heroic lines are perfect accompaniment for what could be easily a John Williams style strings in a less forward thinking role. There is a bit of that - it wouldn't be a television mini-epic if there wasn't - but that first blast of Stetson ripping through sheet metal with his saxophone is pretty chilling. 

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Gonima - "A Space That is Ours" 

The young Canadian's video for "A Space that is Ours" is an endlessly regenerative landscape triggered and mutated by Gonima's crisp, HD beats that snap from gloriously off-kilter arpeggios into tonal clusters that pop and burst from every conceivable space within the concave of studio headphones, molding and flexing the track into new shapes seemingly unshaped by human hands. Gonima's work reminds me of a more melodic and slightly less aleatoric, gonzo internal logic of Orange Milk artist and owner Seth Graham. Check out the video below which we have the pleasure of premiering. 



A heavily melodic, dreamy composition with heavy synth pulls of Boards of Canada with a hyperreal sound-sculpting of Four Tet and an ear for crafting earworm melodies. The track is full singular moments of serotonin overloads if you are predisposed to obsessing over tiny tweaks in synthesizer lines, augmented metallic clangs and birch-twig snaps of percussion,  then "Wut Do" is a giant wash of chemicals straight to the to the dome.


Cincinnati, OH is one of those cities that has a hard time retaining it's natural resources. There aren't too many artists that are defined by the city. There's no artist that bursts onto the national scene from Cincinnati and you are like, "ooooh, that makes sense." Enter Abiyah. A rare artist that whose talents and aspirations defy the humble, Midwestern, don't-make-too-much-of-a-fuss-and-we'll-all-get-along passive aggressiveness, yet remains Cinci AF. Part electro-punk dancehall crasher, part Golden Era purist, part fuckall avant-garde boundary pusher, Abiyah's new Double A-Side single "Crylike" exudes a sweaty basement show urgency, features heavily compressed bass and Abiyah's elastic flow narrating a dystopian present before launching into an anthemic chorus. it's a banger.


Loan - "Strange Paths" A Future Dubcore Trbial (I.O.T Records)

Covering quite a bit of ground in its six minute running time, "Strange Paths" moves from uneasy minimalism with haunting vocal sample that gradually builds to a hard-tech launchpad showcasing the French producer's excellent beat work. Venturing into footwork territory with sudden BPM shift, the track retains a sharp rubber band expansion and contrast that sweeps previous motifs into its gaping maw of the song's massive infrastructure.

Ben Zucker - "Iridescent Lines of Flight" 

Ben Zucker's academic and musical career dive into serious disciplines of jazz, classical and modern composition. Listening to "Iridescent Lines of Flight" on a platform like bandcamp doesn't necessarily feel like he's made this track "for us", meaning a wider musical audience: meaning us lunkheads. Rather these flights of stereo-panning chordal clusters, 4-on-the-floor beat invite us into a fully formed musical world where Zucker's ideas play themselves out in rich, pulsing expansions and heavily edited fragments stitched togehter to make one of my favorite stand alone singles I've heard all year.


On "V. Meridian" off the highly anticipated release Circadian, Ashen Swan displays a keen knack for creating a bathwater warm soundscape out of sparse, reverb-rich piano notes and throttling on an arcing guitar line that teeters on the edge of distortion and siren-song beauty. The Chicago based artist's timely and engaging track balances inherent beauty of processed tones filtered wrapped in a heavy blanket with a bonkers thread count and an aching melancholy expressed by a volume-pedal riding guitar line. It's a beaut.

Hospital - "Two Sides" Memory Waves

Cure-heavy shoegaze/post-punk from Russia sinking their hooks into a massive chorus. It's hard to listen to this and not imagine this kind of thing being played out in major arenas. A guilty pleasure with an outro that fades into pure pop shoegaze bliss with stacatto percussion and sugary sweet keys.

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I couldn't be more excited about this podcast. Tons of collaborations, legacy noise artists releasing new material and a Spacemen 3 cover. Listen on I-Tunes, Soundcloud or Mixcloud. If you are into making a small contribution to Patreon to get exclusive content and interviews...right this way my friend - Tome to the Weather Machine Patreon. 


"Nebulae" is a masterclass of the tension and release that can be built into the structure of a track. The build and release slowburn of Laura Luna Castillo is on full display here, a towering and collapsing track of noise that is harnessed and deployed with enviable skill and purpose. A fantastic record out on one of our favorite labels. 


New Hecker records are always events to get excited about. Konoyo and the lead single off it - "Keyed Out" - are no exception. Hecker's Hi-Def explorations of spatial relationships between sound is on full display here. Pinging Chord clusters, dirty and distorted tonal shifts, percussion that seems to be happening in every corner of the track are held under Hecker's characteristic restraint. It's enough rope to let these sounds explore their own terrain but a corralling into a service of the track's larger infrastructure.


Florida native Josh Mason and Louisville patron-saint Connor Bell (Shedding) had an idea. Let's drive to Montreal to visit their friend Karl Fousek. Along the way the stopped at a few towns setting up their modular synthesizers and sound modulating house plants and playing similar sets to what is on this tour tape. Placid and muted tones from Josh Mason, hi-def, pointilist and a bit "gonzo" (Connor's words) mod synth workouts from Shedding. 


I was pretty excited when I saw that Unifactor - this year's breakout tape label - was releasing new Sick Llama material as a double cassette. Heath Moerland has been pumping out some of the most challenging and engaging noise from Michigan's epicenter for the past two decades or so - moving from disquieting ambient hiss to wig-splitting noise blasts. Stage Poison is critical Llama material, hopefully opening up this world to a new generation of freaks.


What a collaboration, right? Two of Portland's finest long-form droners creating music frozen in amber twilight. Bus Gas is on top of their game here. "Denim Jacket Back Patch Blues" is a nice ease into their side by embracing a noisier and more clamoring noise floor than in past releases. The gorgeous swells of guitar and steady pacing is there, but also seeping into the mix are distant rumbles, whirring and humid soundscapes, expanding the tonal palate a bit more into the red of anxiety. AMULETS side, especially on "Beyond 2000" tends to shepherd these tones into sketchier neighborhoods of ever ascending arpeggios, aggrevated phrasing and gaping maw of a drone running throughout. Get em on the ever thoughtfully curated Spring Break Tapes before they are gone. 


The first release by Joh Kolodj's new label Noble Rot Recordings is a big tyme collaboration with ASAMA aka Thommy Sacraceno aka Owlfood. It's an ode to decay, salvage, reconstruction and synthesis. Oil Pourer is 27 minutes tracking the two artists circling around ideas and source material and entwining field recordings, granular synthesis, drum loops and Kolodj's unmistakable and emotionally transparent guitar work. One part highlights reel, one parts behind the scenes documentary of the creative process.


Somewhat of a surpise record from one of my favorite guitarists, "Angular Essences" pulls together a swarm of harmonics and tiny phrases and layers them beneath a breathing, pulling drone that streaks across an empty Midwestern sky. It's a simple, but elegant explorations of the facets of Parish's playing that make him such a versatile and engaging performer.


Itchy-O, the 57-piece musical leviathan from Denver, CO have created a staggeringly interactive and engaging album that explores "the realm of esoteric trickery and espionage" on Side A and "A parallel universe of deep martial psychic discipline" on the other. Squealing electronics soar over lock-step percussion on Side A's final cut "Idra & Sceptor", creating a tightly orchestrated cacophony. The physical album contains fourteen 32 second noise tracks that end in lock grooves and a zine containing cryptic puzzles that lead the listener to an interactive site allowing them to remix the digital tracks. 


Bob Bucko Jr. covering Spacemen 3, Chavez, Smog, Howe Gelb, Silkworm, Young Marble Giants + a whole double cassette more? Yes. Please. More. Please.

Somesurprises -  "Low on Sleep' Alt (Doom Trip)

Following up a highly regarded cassette on Eiderdown, the Seattle kraut-heavy band return with three new songs that push the komische tendencies to the heady front of the mix. "Low on Sleep" is a lush, heavy-lidded ballad showcasing Natasha El-Sergany's deeply resonant vocals. The song  bursts wide open around the middle of the track into a cosmic jam that takes cues from Neu! and Can's locked in groove and penchant for space exploration.

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Music Within - "Weightless"

In the mass influx of solo-piano ambient/peaceful compositions I get, rarely have I found one that actually exudes the effects of calm and peace so widely advertised as I have found with Toronto-based Rob McCallister's project Music Within. Melodies thoughtfully composed on piano and transcribed into several musical voices weave around each other with careful precision. It would be easy to call this nocturnal music - something you would listen to as a sleep aid, but rather, this is oasis music. A deep refuge from the chaos of modernity.

Bruno Sanfilippo - "InTROpassion" Remastered & Expanded

On the remastered and expanded version of Spain-based, neo-classical artist's 2006 album inTRO, Bruno Sanfilippo's compositions are given a sheen of new life by fellow artist and producer Ian Hawgood. On "InTROpassion" the Buenos Aires trained composer layers shimmering soundscapes on top of one another that sound like crashing cymbals extended and reversed over a contemplative piano melody, synthesized brass that artifacts and breaks in all the right places and vocals that haunt somewhere in this track's upper mezzanine.

Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls - "Hairdresser" 

The cavity-sweet melodies of the Stockholm Sweden based band are buried under enough reverb and lo-fi sheen to create a woozy, golden aural glow over the heavy bass lines and shoegaze laden effects over the guitar and keys to fill an every inch of a room with sound being pushed just into the red. There is an unnamed nostalgic quality to these tracks that works with the auditory conceit: creating layers and layers of sound growing away from its source.

Cinnamon Shops - "While Washing My Face"

A woozy, keyed-up experimental electronic composition that filters bells, upper register synths, various sounds of organic percussion, caddywhompus beats through the interface of a self-aware synthesizer being crushed under the weight of its own existence. All of these things and more on the new single by the Kalamazoo, MI artist.

SEO - "Ex Machina" 

A wonderfully strange and sultry track by this anonymous Lagos, Nigerian based experimental artist. The tracks starts with what sounds like the mechanical whirring of insects wings massaged into a halting, jittery drone, it is then paired with transient percussion and skittering high hats buried low in the mix. The track's late night vibe is pulled together by a female vocalist whose lyrics of pondering the detachment of her love-object, seeming to match the anonymous presentation and scant data online about this mysterious producer.

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Interview with Landing

I had the pleasure to sit down with the legendary CT shoegaze band Landing before their show in Cincinnati, OH. We talked about growing up Mormon, important early musical discoveries and raising a child as musicians. 

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For Tome's 40th podcast we dig into the quiet and moving ambience of Christopher Whitely, Less Bells and Max Ananyev, dig deep within ourselves with a new track by WIZARD APPRENTICE, explore some incredible musicians coming out of Indonesia's experimental tape label Hasana Editions and hear new work from an old friend Babe, Terror.

Listen on I-Tunes and visit our Patreon page to get longform interviews, secret mixes and discounts on amazing labels.

Christopher Whitley - "Deeper Sleeper" Heavy Sleepers (Patient Sounds, Intl.)

The San Francisco-now-Austin based violinist has created a beautifully processed, thoroughly thought through and composed cassette on Patient Sounds, Intl. "Deeper Sleeper" is a deeply moving, pulsing track that pushes mountains of digital air from noise-floor to cresting peak, creating stunning, beautifully augmented ascents and descents.

Less Bells - "Forest Ghosts" Solifuge (Kranky)

Julie Carpenter is from Joshua Tree, CA. From an album inspired by the location, one could expect a cold, austere soundscape seemingly created from and for the void of the desert. That would be playing into the stereotypes of desert life - which for all of its hardships - practically teems with all sorts of weird creatures. "Forest Ghosts" is busy. Full of lush, swelling cellos, various forms of percussion, plucked violin and an ear for the expansive, Solifuge is a perfect desert record. 

Yuto Ohashi - "Weltkarte" Juvenile - Insubstantial, re-present (Cudighi Records)

Yuto Ohashi's creates delicate melodies are perfect for those in-between hours of twilight and dawn where it feels like you are interacting with the world with oven mitts on. Simple, twinkling melodies are drawn from somewhere within that world. Nocturnal and vague, but just clear enough to make out their shape.

Anthené - "Reactionary" Reflections in Dust (Muzan Editions)

The meeting of Polar Seas Recordings currator Bradley Sean Alexander Deschamps and Muzan Editions seemed like an inevitability. Both labels are exceptional collectors and champions of modern ambient music with the ability to pull from the cream of the crop of collaborators that have staked a place well above the swelling morass of bandcamp wanks. Anthené's stately and chilly compositions are a testament to both parties deep listening and ear for the sublime.

Wizard Apprentice - "A Debt" I am Invisible (Ratskin Records)

On "A Debt" the Bay Area Digtial Folk-Musician offers a hymn for those who have hurt others and are grappling with accountability, personal growth at the expense of others' trauma and balancing the need for space and kindness to oneself. The deeply innovative artist's use of accessible technology to create genre-bending tracks that brim with thoughtful expression and reflection is a beacon of hope for the rest of us.

Nursalim Yadi Anugerah - "Tiling Mang "ii" Do" Selected Pieces from HNNUNG (Hasana Editions)

A totally unexpected email in my inbox was a door to an exciting world of Indonesian experimental music via the excellently curated tape label Hasana Editions. Selected Pieces from HNNUNG is described as "adapted from Kayaan people oral literature Takna’ Lawe’, HNNUNG is a chamber opera that amplifies the cosmic dramaturgy of Kayaan culture—in which the narrative of matriarchy is essential. HNNUNG the opera was performed by Balaan Tumaan Ensemble and Kerubim Choir using various instruments ranging from kaldii’ and sape’ to tenor saxophone and contrabass."

Julian Abraham Togar - "Acoustic Analog Digitally Composed (Percussion) 4" Acoustic Analog Digitally Composed (Hasana Editions) 

From Medan, Indonesia, Julian Abraham's composition Acoustic Analog Digitally Composed is described as, "Executed into two different materials: a various selection of percussion instruments that deliver organic impression, and a bunch of magnetic solenoids which construct a tighter mechanical sensation, Acoustic Analog Digitally Composed illustrates how simplicity (or complexity?) of repetition can trigger imaginative experiences in tracing the formal aspects of sound."

African Ghost Valley - "Campfires" UNT (Nullzone)

Collaborators Childle Graingier and Gabriel Ghebrezghi's lateset on Nullzone is a sweaty, humid curation of heavily pawed keyboards and thick, quick stabs of electronics pushing tonal extremes in multiple directions. The Canadian/European duo has been at this for sometime, perfecting their "in the room" closeness of recording.

Babe, Terror - "Computer" Fadechase Marathon 2018 (Glue Moon)

I am so happy to hear new work by the Brazlian artist Babe, Terror. Babe, Terror was a staple in my 2008-2012 weird early bandcamp/CD-R finds. Woozy, chopped and heavily edited compositions made up of piano loops, field recordings and wavy vocals. These hard restart edits on "Computer" make it a song that sounds like it is fading in and out of conciousness. Truly "a monument for people in need of a major trip."

Two Hands | One Engine - "Vainglorious" Dawning

Out of St. Louis, MO Two Hands | One Engine creates guitar compositions that straddle ambient long-players and disquieting soundscapes run through a bevy of pedals and arranged as decayed melodies and monuments to past selves. "Vainglorious" bends volume-swells and the decaying fabric of guitar's fidelity to tone around each other as a shawl warding off impending material coldness of death.

Max Ananyev - "Dew Empire" Water Atlas (Serein Records)

"Water Atlas". An interesting pairing of words from the St. Petersburg Russia based artist. Water is inherently transient. Constantly changing it's form, or flowing through time. "You can't stand in the same river twice". While an atlas is the collected wisdom of fixed points. It thrives off of replication and consistency. These two contradictions meet in Ananyev's structural underpinnings punctuated with the free-association of musical ideas and motifs that flow unaided. 

Maher Shalal Hash Baz / Little Wings - "Switch Back / Arco Iris" Split 12" (Moone Records)

What a brilliant pairing of two lifers who are still putting out completely engaging and prescient music. Two breezy, yet introspective session-type songs that pull together enough ennui and wonder to fill a dozen journal pages. A wonderful bandwith expanding exercise in nestling into sound.

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Rhian Sheehan - "Soma Dreams" A Quiet Divide (Darla Records)

"Soma Dreams" is a stately and grandiose opening salvo from the New Zealand based artist's newest album A Quiet Divide. It is a slow-build to a quiet roar, blurring the already hazy demarcations between post-classical, electronic music and post-rock. Stirring melodies that start off as sketches become full-fleshed arrangements when joined by a string section, electronic percussion and gentle washes of synth. RIYL: Hammock, the Album Leaf, Haiku Salut.

Todd Tobias and Chloë March  -  "Ma Leila Lulla" Amialluma (Hidden Shoal)

One time Robert Pollard collaborator and Ohio-based soundscape designer of bright acoustic instrumentation and brooding, droning tones, Todd Tobias and UK vocalist/collaborator Chloë March pull down a sense of mysterious calm on their first single from their collaborative record. It's easy to imagine these tracks unfurling like morning fog across a heavily wooded valley. The uneasy drone and ebullient acoustic guitar settling in among the nestles and leaves of trees in that low place.

Torpa - "nostalgia phaze" nostalgia phaze

The UK-based duo's carefully crafted love-letter to their Kraut forebears is a beautiful, late night throb of a track. It builds and pulls itself apart, smears a gorgeous Stereolab synth line across a repeating melodic lines and crystalline sounds bleeding in from the periphery. 

fixture. "Meh" 

Buried acoustic guitars underneath skittering beats and pitch-shifted synth lines that unfurl and contract in time with the salty ocean's breath are just the appendages to the undergirding of this track. The moving spirit at the center of "meh" is a steady sinking into the floor after an all-input attack on the stimulus-response network. A rainy day, put this on repeat, shirking of all adult responsibilities. 

Our Fastest Typist - "Ctrl + Z" Group Therapy for Imaginary Monsters

When you are settling into sleep and are suddenly strapped to a chair a la A Clockwork Orange and forced to watch your Top 10 awkward moments, social failures and times when we really knew we should have shut the fuck up but kept talking anyway on a steady film loop, "Ctrl + Z" could be the soundtrack to that. "Ctrl + Z" is a fuzzed-out, overdriven bedroom-pop jam that enumerates the paralyzing ennui that accompanies forced public interaction in the whip-smart, keenly melodic vein of Car Seat Headrest and Guided by Voices.

Slow Glows - "Purple" 79 Moons (Rose Hill Records)

Each track on the Cincinnati-based Shoegaze band's EP exists in a self-contained universe of heavily augmented guitars, overdriven bass, distant cannon shot of percussion and the whisper-to-a-shout glossolalia of Kelli Redding's vocals. At every pass it gets easier to sink into the bathwater warm textures buried under blankets of reverb and to begin the subtle erasure between oneself and the sound. A soft, sluffing-off of a layer of awareness like pre-coffee mornings watching the gradations of changing light through bare trees. 

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