On the latest episode of the Tome we are joined by old friends and new friends. New tunes by Lee Noble, The Fun Years, Alapastel, Nadia Struiwigh, yndi halda, Eulogy, Drowse and Siavash Amini & Matt Finney

Lee Noble - "Sanyo Loop" Ashenden (Muzan Editions)

In early 2018 Lee Noble toured Japan and recorded much of this beautiful tape out on Nara, Japan's Muzan Editions. Coming off the heels of one of 2017's best records The Hell You Came In, Noble returns to gentle drones, presence of punctuating organics and an uncanny ear for a pitched note at the right level of abstraction, distortion and conveyed meaning.

the fun years - "a beginners guide to telescopes" a heart to heart about our values (spring break tapes)

The Fun Years are one of those bands where I immediately buy everything they put out. Seminal drone mainstays, The Fun Years is still Ben Recht and Isaac Sparks and they are still putting out some of the most beautiful ambient music out there and still taking the piss out of the seriousness of the whole thing. 

alapastel - "bride of the mountains" hidden for the eyes (slowcraft)

The Slovakian composer's vocal parts for "Bride of the Mountains" are some of those moments that stop you in your tracks. In an otherwise gorgeous collection of neo-classical compositions, "Bride of the Mountains" is a showcase to a serious dedication in craft embedded within an inherently emotional appeal.

nadia struiwigh - "bizarph" whrru (denovali)

On her new album for Denovali, the Rotterdam-based artist moves from surging, busy electronica to gossamer threads of sound reminiscent of Biosphere to full on post-classical, electro-acoustic arrangements of building and cresting movements. An immersive listen and portentous release. Out on Denovali on 04.28.

yndi halda - "A Sun-coloured shaker" a sun-coloured shaker (Sound in Silence)

The Canterbury 5-piece play an affecting form of Post-Rock that remains distant cousins to This Will Destroy You or the more song-based Early Day Miners releases. For their one-song release on Sound in Silence the tight, yet ever-expanding composition massages itself into a mournful classical-inspired pop music in the vein of Efterklang or Peter Broderick

drowse - "The Quickening" Cold Air (The Flenser)

We go way back with Kyle Bates. To hear this latest album by the Portland band is a revelation and culmination of all of the warped, warbled MBV-meets-bed(gloom) experiments in self-documenting Kyle's journey with his mental health. These manifestations, however, are presented with a clarity and triumphant resolve that is only befitting for Drowse's Flenser release. I'm pretty sure all LP's are sold out, I'm also pretty sure you will see this again on all sorts of best-of lists. 

eulogy - "fire sermon pt. 1" into the heart of light (self-released)

The Indianapolis OMM artist cites "Neurosis, Snapcase, King Crimson and John Fahey" as musical inspirations, while the content of this twisting-and-turning epic is somewhere close to Oliver Sacks deep looks into the way our brains process and relate to information. Coursing through synapses and crashing into stylistic shifts and data rushes from pole-to-pole, Eulogy is an overloaded, huge album full of peeks into a mind too full of ideas to contain them all.  

siavash amini & matt finney - "Jesus fish" gospel

When Matt Finney says his next record is going to be "tough", please believe that. Matt Finney has never flinched when looking straight into the eyes of the void - into Southern lives torn apart (or never really had a chance) by addiction, poverty, religion, abuse, divorce and deeply disturbed genealogies. His second record with Iranian experimental artist gives Matt Finney's spoken word recounting of sexual violence and religion the right amount bleeding industrial edge and deep discomfort. It's amazing to me that close to 8 years later and I am still writing about and deeply affected by Finney's work. He is always able to find the best choices in collaborators to become not just vehicles, but worlds where his unfortunate cast of characters live in. 

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A seamlessly blissful hour of ambient, modern classical, drone and post-folk tracks. Make sure you support the artists by clicking on the links beneathe their photo and picking up a CD, tape or LP. 


dedekind cut - "The Crossing Guard" tahoe (kranky)

Definitely my most anticipated release of 2018. Following up with an even more lush, inviting and world-making to the ground-breaking $uccessor, Dedekind Cut has made the ambient record of the year. 

spencer vh - "acceptance" acceptance (self-released)

A lovely, floating track rooted in a minimalist piano line with well-placed accents of barely brushed bass and askew synthesizers that maximize the tracks ethereal and mysterious origins. Perhaps born in a Myst-stylized cliffside overlooking self-generating waves of crystalline blue?


In what's become one of my favorite finds this year, Gray Acres is an album that searches far and wide and deep into tiny crevices along the hearts surface. Tiny pin pricks that bring down an otherwise healthy emotional ship. Twin brothers Andrew and Michael Tasselmyer also create music under Hotel Neon in Philadelphia.

ancient ocean - "benthic life" neró: a collection of works 2010-2016 (Field Hymns)

The forlorn spellcasting of slide guitar above eliding drones of pure prismatic light is something that will never not raise goosebumps. This collection of skeletal arrangements on the always amazing Field Hymns has the plug-in-and-play immediacy and lovingly crafted arrangements that punctuate John Bohannon's collected work. 

dura - "marble templar, k.g." repetition supression (scissor tail editions)

Creating work under Dura, Mattson Ogg has often buried his delicate fingerpicking guitar style under blankets of golden-hour drone. For his latest on our good friends Scissor Tail Editions, Dura plays these songs with little accruement. Just himself an electric guitar and old amplifiers and the sounds of his shuffling feet from late night walks through his old neighborhood. The record comes in a beautiful package of handmade sketch books. Limited to 50.


christopher whitley - "Cremations (IV)" - hecca autre (A.V.A)

"Cremations IV" is a simply a small taste of the beautifully augmented song-cycles on the Canadian violinists newest album. The song lurches forward in a self-determined linear journey. The violin's timbre glitching and sputtering underneath heavy electronic editing. 

Walt Thisney - "Walking Home" Piano Moods for a Lo-Fi Living (Illuminated Paths)

While I am not always sure what to make of the Lisbon, Portugal artists online persona, I am sure that these treacly, highly emotional solo piano tracks embody a sort of nocturnal, somewhat disjointed blurriness that comes after sleep deprivation and bit too much to drink. A lovely take on deconstructed home listening classical music.

aries mond - "please" come on let's wait (eilean records)

Continuing in Eilean Records flawless release schedule, the French pianist Aries Mond is not afraid of silence. He lets notes ring out into a void populated by little else than the mechanical sounds of the piano itself. It's a beautiful and stately record that contemplates space and timing in novel ways.

emmanuel witzthum - "soft rain falls.  winter solitude. at night, still" songs of love and loss (eilean records)

Songs composed for viola, voice and electronics, Songs of Love and Loss is the NYC classical artists latest in a canon of songs poured full of emotion, love and drone. 


zach zinn - "lunar pill. solar pill" upon rising at dawn, i was unware (self-released)

Zach Zinn is an Olympia, WA based experimental artist who's art evokes ritual and ecstatic communication. "Lunar Pill. Solar Pill" Zach reaches deep and pulls out some some gorgeous crystalline drones that stem from some dream-time elsewhere. 

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Post-punk, at it's root, is a music of discomfort and unease. A jittery, every-worst-case-scenario-all-at-once nameless anxiety pulses through the best of it - even when it tries to explore themes of companionship or pleasure. Enter Crime of Passing, a Cincinnati-OH trio and late-entry contender. Their video for the single "Eleventh Hour" off their 2017 EP Dancing Prick - crafted by the video production group Channel 77 made up of Brian McCabe and Brooke Shanesy - maximizes discomfort and unease through a series of subject-obscuring close ups overlayed a distorted analogue wasteland. I've always been a fan of how distorted images can get when our field of vision competes with scanning lines, the ghostly doubling, the time-stretching start and stop. Images of faces, hands, lips, roses appear out of the discordia while kept in time with hyper-focused images of instruments in isolation to desperate vocals, haunted synths, discordant saxophone and guitar and bass that marshal this track into rigid staccato time. It's a visceral pairing. 

Crime of Passing- Eleventh Hour from channel 77 ⓥⓗⓢ on Vimeo.

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This Episode is all about beats. Hard techno, junk loops, vaporwave chemtrails, dance floor sweat lodges. Don't let the real Kurt Rambis fool you. Sucker free hour starting.....now.

18andcounting & the only ensemble - "hunter" - animal skins (Dismal niche)

"Hunter" from 18andcounting & The Only Ensemble is one of the few artists who could cover Björk and bring something completey new to it. Moving from stuttering, paranoid beats into an anxiously violin-bowed cacophony held under steady command by 18andcounting expressionistic, but fully communicative vocals, Hunter hits hard and square in the gut.

Mezzanine Swimmers - "black cat in heat" - black cat in heat (already dead/fire talk)

Detuned and dirty from dragging its underbelly through some dank back alley, this feral new collection of songs from Mike Greene burst and bloom with the hot and busy claustrophobia of a car with the windows up and a cassette melting into the tape deck.

hdmirror - "pure 2" - anthems (Genot Centre)

All the giddy thrill of watching reality become completely unhinged but doing so with enough presence of mind to describe every sensation in hidef clarity. A bustling, breaking, always peaking cut from the Berlin producer's excellent album on Genot Centre.

Celldöd - "Kall Fusion" Kall Fusion (Medical Records)

Starting off this relentless block of hard techno tracks from Medical Records is the Swedish producer Celldöd. An aggressive dance floor EBM/Techno crossover to soundtrack all of your post-apocalyptic raves.

Lab Personnel - "A2 2-3" Recreation (Medical Records)

Diving deeper into hardware techno world is the Croatian supergroup Lab Personnel. Specializing in pulsing, hard pounding erstwhile techno, the opening track to Recreation hits hard but still manages to sound warm and up-close.

Émanton - "Breathe Outside de Box" Post Tenebras Lux (Medical records)

Argentinean producer and purveyor of "hard esoteric/mystical/mega darkness sound" crafts an intriguing dance track that slowly melts into a hail storm of freaked out electronics toward the songs conclusion. Perfect collapse and ending for this Medical Records triptych.

kurt rambus - "8:08AM" - self-titled (illuminated paths)

The enigmatic Kurt Rambus - not to be confused with this Kurt Rambis - is the moniker of Nigel John, an Orlando based DJ and producer who holds a commanding swagger and attention on his latest collaboration with the ever-prolifc and omnivorous Illuminated Paths label. 

German Army - "Silencing the Past" - More Bitter Fruit (Discrepant)

The San Bernadino occultist dream duo stick to the confines of the sweltering rain forest of water-logged synths where CIA coups and embargo deals hang thick in the air like suspended moisture. A perennial Tome favorite, More Bitter Fruit is a surprisingly great late-entry or mid-entry or early-entry release in the duo's ever expanding catalog. Germany Army is timeless.

Jones - "Diazavert" - Prescriptbr / The Taureg Breaks (Illuminated Paths) 

Hush hush reissue of a beautifully paced beats record that includes a righteous meditation on Mike Tyson's single-minded drive and spirituality. Beautiful pathways on this one. 

Percival Pembroke - "Arc System Works" - Apreggiatorworld++ (Genot Centre) 

A near 40 track masterpiece of self-generating digital landscapes fully rendered in bubbling arpeggios dreamcast drones. 

AF85 -  "ACC" ハイパーオリンピック (Diamond Edition) - (Genot Centre)

In what could be seen as a contender for a top spot in the albums of the year, the all-positivist-all-the-time midi vocal textures and floating drones stick an arrow in that quivering lump of feels vibrating nervously in your chest. Act without fear in the presence of love.

Matthew Bertram - "Loading" - Justice Manor (Illuminated Paths)

"Loading" is a playful, sly and tasteful late-night track slipping into something a bit more comfortable. Lobby music of some slinky back alley android speakeasy.  

Pray for Triangle Zero - "Longing" #100 (Illuminated Paths)

Lot's of music is described as sounding like having multiple tabs open on your browser and all of them playing at once. "Longing" is about the closest we will ever get to that ear-hole exfoliating experience. A thousand voices all singing at different pitches, from different hellscapes of a lawnmower man digital prison.

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Heavy on the drones, modern compositions and experimental music from all over the world, this subdued episode welcomes two new artists to the Whited Sepulchre family - Sympathy Pain and Brianna Kelly. As always, support these artists and labels by clicking on the links under each picture and purchasing a tape or two. 

sympathy pain - "blanket burner" brianna kelly/sympathy pain split (whited sepulchure records)

Curating a podcast is kind of like getting all-time dibs on the aux cord. In that spirit I am sharing with you two tracks from an upcoming split cassette on Whited Sepulchre Records, a label I run. Sympathy Pain is Skyler Hitchcox (FKA Silver Antlers) and Casey Hansen of Cult Leader (Deathwish Records). The two imbue these slowburning droney, post-rock songs with living shadows and dead reflections. 

brianna kelly "sanctus" brianna kelly / sympathy pain split (whited sepulchure records)

The other half of this split belongs to Cincinnati artist Brianna Kelly whose patient, wonder-filled songs play out against a ribbon of deep baritone guitar and a voice that seems to seep out of every corner - like light-illuminated dust sifting through loose floorboards. Brianna also sings and plays guitar in the indie rock band Soften

landry riba - "time to listen" mountain songs (self-released)

Andorran composer and bassist Landry Riba has created a really wonderful EP here. Songs built around simple, additive themes that build and break in a pattern that keeps time with your ever growing emotional attachment to them. 

bruno sanfillippo - "lux" unity (dronavirm)

Argentinian Modern classical pianist employs a monastic sense of reverence to his compositions for piano, voice and string. Moving fragments that circle each other in the harmonious dance of our atomized core.

leaaves "the cruelty of orbit" panacea for lightweights (katuktu collective)

Nate Wagner - Finland btw of Philly (just ask him about those Eagles) - is a young maestro in the game. Contemplative and mindful drones make up the living core of this tape, a lightbending, gravitational pull to the center while sparks hover just outside the periphery. 

oxherding - "circular movements" circular movements in the sky (dismal niche)

Saint Louis, MO ambient hopeful and all around great human, Fitz Hartwig's Oxherding project feel completely wide open - from bubbling arpeggios to the huge swelling organs and swells of fuzz lapping over and over like an ocean through tiny speaker-sized holes. A wonderful addition to a growing body of work. 

tapes and topographies - "a year of disappointments" fathoms (simulacra)

Former Crushed Stars founder reaches for desperation and pulls down quiet resignment. Beautiful sound craft here on the warped analog pulls of aching synth melodies and an amplified noise floor of swirling, inky grey drones.

fahmi mursyid - "hareup" fahmi mursyid / ngc 4414 split (tandem tapes)

Jakarta Indonesia based Tandem Tapes is quickly becoming one of my favorite labels. It seems like half of their artists are pulled from the pool of experimental music that the Tome swims in and half are undiscovered gems from around the world the Indonesian based Fahmi Mursyid. I find myself lucky to have discovered something like Mursyid's soundclash of the sacred and profane. Gorgeous vocal drones beneath playful, exploratory electronics that ward off any tendency for the heavy hand. 

presidiomodelo - "mope" presidiomodelo / Machinefabriek split (tandem tapes)

I selected this wonderfully building and ascending track by Novosibirsk, Russia sound artist because we all know, or should know, how anything Machinefabriek brings to the table is going to spot on. A cycling, austere track suddenly breaks into a humid and busy crescendo that pulses along with submerged bass line and the high pitched buzz of carnivorous insects at dawn. 

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For the 18th TTTWM podcast we delve into two recent tape batches from Muzan Editions and Unifactor Tapes as well as some new work by Lou Rebecca on Holodeck Records, two tapes from Rat Tail Tapes and an enigmatic Denver producer. As always, please support the artists and labels by purchasing music from the links provided under the pictures. Enjoy!


kyle landstra - "within" - within/without (Muzan Editions)

Chicago-based Kyle Landstra's sidelong compositions for the Japanese label Muzan Editions are quietly unfurling spools of auditory ribbons caught in a steady synthetic breeze. Unhurried but constantly moving, a study in sequenced emotional cartography 

overscan - "sferic" - the marriage of violence and desire (muzan editions)

OverScan is a Sydney based soundmaker whose latest on Muzan Editions marries a tendency towards harsh noise with this little slice of heaven on "Sferic" where synthesizers are set to herald in some awaited bliss. 

cheekbone - "Curcuma longa" - つかの間 [Tsuka no Ma] (Muzan Editions)

With one of the most beautiful tapes this year - and any year for that matter - Cheekbone is a Japanese musician with an ear bent towards slightly pulsing, linearly building compositions that tug on the heart strings and encourage deep listening as a rule. (Dog in the Evening) fans should take note. 

brett naucke - "flora counterpoint ii" - the back of the garden (unifactor)

In what is easily Brett Naucke's finest work to date, the Chicago modular synth mavin, unworks the gordian knot of his compositions, opening and unweaving his complex and moving compositions to their base elementals before tying them up again in a rich tapestry that is best observed with at least 4-5 feet of space for optimal viewing.  

Adipsia - "ofelia" - imbue (rat tail tapes)

Released on Dane Rousay's Rat Tail Records, the San Antonio ambient electronic artist creates a surprisingly moving and deeply textured work that warps its bubbling percussive elements around deep and gorgeous drones. 

forest management - "analysis of the before and after" - rotating angle (unifactor)

John Daniel is a hyper-prolific ambient musician ambient artist who has left a breadcrumb trail of tapes and records across a variety of labels that all seem to delve deeper into the "elevated quiet" or moving stillness that inhabit the core of his compositions. 

dominic coppola - "imperial kiss" - honeymoon phase (unifactor)

Dominic Coppola surging and arching drones are sent out that retract with the beauty and grandeur of watching fireworks in reverse. A perfect capstone to this undeniably strong batch by Cleveland's Unifactor tapes.

lou rebecca - "fantôme" - lou rebecca (holodeck)

The Paris/Austin, TX based Lou Rebecca's inaugural EP is a wistful, seductive and stunningly realized slice of left-field pop that channels Marie Davidson and Air with equal clarity. 

andre cactus - "into the tactus" - layups (self-released)

I dare you not to get chills when those saxophones kick in. A gorgeously uplifting piece of downtempo R&B that utilizes chopped and screwed vocals and an kitchen sink style of additive delivery that transports as much as it elevates.

more eaze - "palm on palm" - unnatural light (rat tail tapes)

For this more eaze cut, taken from Rat Tail's Unnatural Light, the Texan musician sculpts a taught 14 minute meditation on a crawling BPM, fluttering pianos, keyed up synths and more eaze's characteristic auto-tuned vocals. 

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Welcome to the newest incarnation of the Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast. It seems like every few months I get so busy and overwhelmed with life stuff that I throw up my hands and tell myself I don't have time for this. But then I get a wonderful package in the mail of tapes that no one else is covering or look back and realize that almost every single one of my close friends are somehow connected to this blog/podcast. So I soldier on.

Thanks to everyone who did these little plugs. The reason I stopped doing these was the difficulty in finding the time to record the voice overs. By removing myself from the podcast I am allowing the podcast to exist the way I always imagined it - music with minimal interruptions. Certainly without my voice messing everything up. So, enjoy. If you want to record a plug and hilariously butcher the unwieldy Tome to the Weather Machine name please do so and e-mail it to tometotheweathermachine@gmail.com

Also, please support these artists by buying their music from the link provided under every picture. 

Havenaire - "Rabot" Rabot (Glacial Movements Records)

Following up a brilliant 2016 tape on Constellation Tatsu, the Stolkholm based Havenaire produces more of the glacially paced, all-consuming drones that wash over your body and mind like a benevolent fog. 

emily a. sprague - "water memory 2" water memory (self-released)

What would have easily been one of my favorite 2017 releases if I would have discovered it then, Emily A. Sprague's Water Memory is an elegant, challenging and seamless piece of work that recalls Basinski and Austrian synth musicians who embed deep human emotion in synthesized ebbs and flows.

bradley sean alexander - "requiem for a new year" lowered expectations (polar seas recordings)

Electro-acoustic brilliance from the always consistent Toronto label. Driving ache and the new resolve that changing a calendar year brings. Graceful cello lines that glide peacefully into any one of many possible futures. Only one CD left. Get on that. 

aaron martin - "Form hanging in air" a room now empty (preserved sound)

First solo album from Aaron Martin since 2014's brilliant Comet's Coma on Eilean Rec. Since then he has collaborated to make many gorgeous records, but to hear Aaron's cello like a voice in the wilderness (of pedals) reminds us of his place among the great contemporary classical musicans out there. Plus, a front cover by øjerum never hurts. 

hour - "this is what i wanted" tiny houses (sleeper records)

The Philadelphia instrumental collective's debut on Sleeper is full of wistful passages that are the aural equivalent of leaning your head against a rainy bus window traveling through the Midwest. Featuring Jason Calhoun on violin (naps, and my all-time fav. paper armies) the six-piece field similar ground to Nevada Greene or a less-mathy Ghosts and Vodka

ljerke - "skiermunk" ljerke (eilean rec.)

An eight piece multimedia performance group that spans Norway, Iceland and Netherlands Ljerke's compositions scrape, sputter and lurch alive into a compelling, aurally overwhelming environment. 

certain creatures - "nasdiya sukta" nasdiya sukta (mysteries of the deep)

Crystalline drones break out into crisp beat and guitar driven ambient post-rock over the course of this track. A brilliant tracking of a gradual emotional shift that never feels forced.

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1. Slowdive - Slowdive (Dead Oceans) - It would be easy to call this a return to form for the legendary shoegaze band. But honestly, this is beyond any form that Slowdive ever melted into. Infectious, ear-worm melodies underneath shimmering guitar tones and washes of pure spectral light.

2. Dino Spiluttini - To Be a Beast (Cut Surface) - Austrian musician employs processed piano recordings to create blown out melodies and searing, jagged holes in the moving architecture of a stately drone.

3. Demen - Nektyr (Kranky) - On the enigmatic Swedish musican’s debut for Kranky, Demen paints with deep blues and reds to create a palate somewhere between Marie Davidson’s nocturnal excursions and Portishead’s unaffected cool.

4. Lafidiki - Chinabot (Memory No. 36/Chinabot/We Be Friends) - London-based Cambodian beatmaker turned his latest record into a showcase of sorts for a broad coterie of aspiring Asian musicians. The result is an inspiring, vexing, turn-on-a-dime mix of influences, memories and throttle-held groove.

5. Nico Niquo - In a Silent Way (Orange Milk) - A sleek, meditative masterpiece of patience and timing - huge movements and tiny phrases that make compulsive repeat listening mandatory. Pure synthetic pleasure.

6. Lawrence English - Cruel Optimism (Room40) - “This record is one of protest against the immediate threat of abhorrent possible futures. It’s an object of projection, from me to you and onward from there”. A deeply felt melodic drone record that feels like a thousand dark rain clouds bursting all at once.

7. Caroline No - No Language (Students of Decay) - A record, so much unlike others on this list, that exists in chance, spontaneity and first-take-best-take breeziness. The result is a wonderfully crafted, heartwarming slice of slightly off-kilter pop. RIYL: The Pastels, Tenniscoats, Mazzy Star.

8. Hiro Kone - Love is the Capital (Geographic North) - A staggeringly astute dive into tight, linear techno - a jet stream of swirling rhythms disembodied vocals and corporeal beats. A timely, overwhelmingly political dance album that grips so tight so as to make surrender impossible.

9. Chihei Hatakeyama - Mirage (Room40) - Every year deserves a perfect ambient record. 2017 got theirs in the form of Hatakeyama’s heavily melodic, unapologetically moving piece of aural sculpting. Perfect in almost every way.

10. Terence Hannum - Impiety (Umor Rex) - I have an insane amount of respect for Terence Hannum and Locrain. Hannum’s latest on Umor Rex is a ghostly masterpiece. Comprised of Hannum’s voice and minimal synths, he creates false cathedrals of unholy dirges sent out to no gods. An eschatological document focused on the final death of man, yet oddly hopeful and triumphant.

11. Lee Noble - The Hell of You Came In (No Kings)

12. Roger Eno - This Floating World (Recital)

13. Scott Tuma - No Greener Grass (Dismal Niche)

14. Stag Hare - Starlights Gloom (Inner Islands)

15. Planning for Burial - Below the House (The Flenser)

16. Bus Gas - Live On Leave Us (Spring Break Tapes!)

17. Josh Mason & Nathan McLaughlin - On the Brink (Eilean Rec.)

18. Matt Jenick - Weird Times (Hands in the Dark)

19. High Plains - Cinderland (Kranky)

20. Atariame - Fear is the World (Constellation Tatsu)

21. Solid Waste - Visions (Dismal Niche)

22. Stabilo & Moshimoss - FIIEII (Sound in Silence)

23. From the Mouth of the Sun - Hymn Binding (Lost Tribe Sounds)

24. Sympathy Pain - Tangled Molten Skull (Hellscape)

25. Trupa Trupa - Jolly New Songs (Blue Tapes)

26. Machine Girl - Because I'm Young Arrogant and Hate Everything You Stand For (Orange Milk) 

27. jitwam - ज़ितम सिहँ (Cosmic Compositions)

28. Jefre Cantu-Ledesme - On the Echoing Green (Mexican Summer)

29. VA - The Hired Hands: A Tribute to Bruce Langhorne (Scissor Tail Editions)

30. Alex Cunningham - Ache (Personal Archive)

31. Pauline Lay - Alloy/Pulp (Heavy Mess)

32. Bryce Hackford - Looking Off (Perfect Wave)

33. The Fun Years - Heroes of the Second Story Walk Up (Spring Break Tapes!)

34. More Eaze - Firesid3 ch@t r00m (Orange Milk)

35. William Ryan Fritch & Matt Finney - A History in Boxes (Lost Tribe Sound)

36. VVV - Shadow World (Holodeck)

37. Forest Swords - Compassion (Ninja Tune)

38. Crown Larks - Population (Already Dead)

39. Justin Walsh - Unseen Forces (Kranky)

40. BELL WITCH - Mirror Reaper (Profound Lore)

41. Cloakroom - Time Well (Relapse)

42. Forest Management - The Elevated Quiet (Constellation Tatsu)

43. Uniform - Wake In Fright (Sacred Bones)

44. Guenter Schlienz - Sterne über Der Stadt (ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ)

45. Buffalo Voice - Buffalo Voice Pilgrim Takes His Spill (Antiquated Future)

46. AMULETS - Still Lifes (Heavy Mess)

47. Big Walnuts Yonder - Big Walnuts Yonder (Sargent House)

48. Mogwai - Every Country's Sun - (Temporary Residence, LTD)

49. Elkhorn - The Black River (Debacle)

50. Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory (Def Jam)

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