Clipd Beaks Release Previously Unavailable Music

Oakland noise-rock band Clipd Beaks contain mulititudes. They were at once both an iconoclastic unit creating heady, cloistered jams that sounded like they were birthed from hours and hours of being holed up in a room riding a bassline until everything else melted around them - a world caught in stasis - and, at the same time, party of a scrappy, wildly talented wave of Oaklanders creating what now can be considered legacy early to mid 00's CD-R noise rock. The criminally underrated band who released two masterpieces for Lovepump United - Hoarse Lords and To Realize - capture a time and a place that is so indellible for myself and those who were around for that time. A time when dubby, slightly stoned rhythm sections got caught beneath the spinning blade of a lawmower, scattering shrapnel-laden guitar rave-ups and underwater vocals through every availble inch of bandwith from your computer speakers or car stereo. Hoarse Lords and To Realize are singular and stand alone classics, but there is so much more. So. much. more.

Today, Clipd Beaks throw open the vaults and lay it all out there. I could say every one-off CD-R, every cassette, every practice session that settled into a brilliant groove that was good enough to record is included in this massive release of archived material, but that is likely not accurate. For every world created and captured on these releases, more exist. Clipd Beaks show an ever-questing band that never quite settled into a mode but retained a stylistic through-line in a time and place that was supposed to be post-genre. You can hear it in the dubby breaks, the jittery guitars, the moment a groove catches  on that bleeding edge between This Heat, Can and Skin Graft Records

I'll have an interview I'm doing with the Beak Boiz here shortly, but for now, get sucked up in this vortex. Byyyeeeeeee.

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November 20th, 2018