Singles Pit

Every once and awhile we get submissions that don't necessarily make sense to share as part of our podcast but deserve to be heard. So, here are snippets of some artists doing some great things on the periphery of shoegaze, indie rock and neo-classical music. Let's open up this pit.

sam valdez - "Further Away" 

It's difficult to write about this without mentioning two predecessors whose heavy influence on this track appear like guiding lights above a black desert night sky. Mazzy Star and Angel Olsen guide the young Sam Valdez's smoky, lilting croon into swooning, lush shoegaze country. it's a bright and billowing surge of shimmering guitars rooted in place by Valdez's earthbound arrangement and voice. Lovely stuff.

are you having fun yet - "turbo" 

The Norwegian band sprinkles some beautiful hazy textural guitar work and surging synths between their brawny post-punk bass lines. It punches well above its weight, wandering into some oddball pop moments that hit on all the right pressure points. Ever ascending choruses are reminiscent of Mew's fuck-all bravery, while huge tonal shifts recall Beach House at their most animated.  It's a bittersweet question, one that presupposes that we weren't having fun at some point. How much fun are you allowed to have in your 30's? 

approachable members of your local community - "velcro"

Look at these boooooys! Australia's Approachable Members of Your Local Community are both the short and long answer to the question, what happened to Architecture in Helsinki? I'm not sure how AMOFLC would feel about the comparison, but in the fuzzy echo chamber of memory, these things seem to coexist. Playful melodies taking the piss out of the seriousness of indie rock with out being gimmicky, lite-funk bass lines, white boy falsetto, infectious synth lines - all of these conspire together to create ear-worms straight to the throbbing pleasure center of your brain. 

maintain vertical speed - "i can see you from the soyuz"

I accidently had two windows open at once while I played this. It was dizzying and overwhelming in all the right ways. Without this doubling experiment, Maintain Vertical Speed's linear flight into pure minimal bliss where repetition cancels everything else out and all that has ever existed is the arpeggios falling over each other, picking up speed as they tumble through time and space. Open tabs on all possible universes. 

jamison isaak - "us"

Jamison Isaak, under his imprint Teen Daze, has created some damnably fine balearic pop music that I find irresistible and frequent more often than I consciously realize. For his second EP under his given name, Isaak turns to solo piano run through a series of effects to create tonal clusters rooted in House music but exploded into a building, expanding, emotionally-centered work that feels propulsive without rushing towards an end. It could exist as a 2 minute pop song or extend into eternity and still feel like it's just right. 

meg blumberg - "happenstance"

A stunning piece of neo-classical piano work that breaks wide open into a lushly orchestrated song that incorporates string arrangements and melodies that stick with you long after the track is finished. It's gossamer thread with the tensile strength of cable. Melody-rich but still very much cognizant of tonal quality and technical flourishes. A gorgeous intro. 

June 5th, 2018