Tome to the Weather Machine Podcast 018

For the 18th TTTWM podcast we delve into two recent tape batches from Muzan Editions and Unifactor Tapes as well as some new work by Lou Rebecca on Holodeck Records, two tapes from Rat Tail Tapes and an enigmatic Denver producer. As always, please support the artists and labels by purchasing music from the links provided under the pictures. Enjoy!


kyle landstra - "within" - within/without (Muzan Editions)

Chicago-based Kyle Landstra's sidelong compositions for the Japanese label Muzan Editions are quietly unfurling spools of auditory ribbons caught in a steady synthetic breeze. Unhurried but constantly moving, a study in sequenced emotional cartography 

overscan - "sferic" - the marriage of violence and desire (muzan editions)

OverScan is a Sydney based soundmaker whose latest on Muzan Editions marries a tendency towards harsh noise with this little slice of heaven on "Sferic" where synthesizers are set to herald in some awaited bliss. 

cheekbone - "Curcuma longa" - つかの間 [Tsuka no Ma] (Muzan Editions)

With one of the most beautiful tapes this year - and any year for that matter - Cheekbone is a Japanese musician with an ear bent towards slightly pulsing, linearly building compositions that tug on the heart strings and encourage deep listening as a rule. (Dog in the Evening) fans should take note. 

brett naucke - "flora counterpoint ii" - the back of the garden (unifactor)

In what is easily Brett Naucke's finest work to date, the Chicago modular synth mavin, unworks the gordian knot of his compositions, opening and unweaving his complex and moving compositions to their base elementals before tying them up again in a rich tapestry that is best observed with at least 4-5 feet of space for optimal viewing.  

Adipsia - "ofelia" - imbue (rat tail tapes)

Released on Dane Rousay's Rat Tail Records, the San Antonio ambient electronic artist creates a surprisingly moving and deeply textured work that warps its bubbling percussive elements around deep and gorgeous drones. 

forest management - "analysis of the before and after" - rotating angle (unifactor)

John Daniel is a hyper-prolific ambient musician ambient artist who has left a breadcrumb trail of tapes and records across a variety of labels that all seem to delve deeper into the "elevated quiet" or moving stillness that inhabit the core of his compositions. 

dominic coppola - "imperial kiss" - honeymoon phase (unifactor)

Dominic Coppola surging and arching drones are sent out that retract with the beauty and grandeur of watching fireworks in reverse. A perfect capstone to this undeniably strong batch by Cleveland's Unifactor tapes.

lou rebecca - "fantôme" - lou rebecca (holodeck)

The Paris/Austin, TX based Lou Rebecca's inaugural EP is a wistful, seductive and stunningly realized slice of left-field pop that channels Marie Davidson and Air with equal clarity. 

andre cactus - "into the tactus" - layups (self-released)

I dare you not to get chills when those saxophones kick in. A gorgeously uplifting piece of downtempo R&B that utilizes chopped and screwed vocals and an kitchen sink style of additive delivery that transports as much as it elevates.

more eaze - "palm on palm" - unnatural light (rat tail tapes)

For this more eaze cut, taken from Rat Tail's Unnatural Light, the Texan musician sculpts a taught 14 minute meditation on a crawling BPM, fluttering pianos, keyed up synths and more eaze's characteristic auto-tuned vocals. 

February 12th, 2018