Midwife - "Like Author, Like Daughter"

As a general, guiding philosophy I do too much. Apart from running this podcast/blog I started a label last year called Whited Sepulchre Records. I am releasing a new album by Midwife (a.k.a Sister Grotto) called "Like Author, Like Daughter". You may recognize Sister Grotto's name from my best of list. Her album "You Don't Have to Be a House to be Haunted" was an absolute masterpiece. For this Midwife project Madeline Johnston has teamed up with Tucker Theodore to create an album of thundreous power chords, stirring choruses and that kind of lump in your throat emotional honesty that you hear in fleeting glimpses in traditional "rock" songs. 

Recorded in the wake of her forced eviction from Denver's famed Rhinoceropolis home, Madeline has crafted songs that embody despondancy, lonelieness and longing - if only for a time - to turn that energy into songs that are bursting at the seams with an earned sense resiliency. A begrudging sense that things might be OK, even when singing your deepest regrets under a mountain of reverb and everyhting sounds like it is falling apart in the most complete way.

Pre-orders are up now. 

April 20th, 2017