Is there such thing as a GOLDRUSH-zilla? Yes, yes there is. That thing was me a couple of weeks ago, leading up to this ridiculously large project I was coordinating. Sorry to those that I zilla'd out on, but shit, it was worth it, right? Plus, I wasn't even that bad, come on! Either way, the festival exceeded my expectations wildly this year. The performances were all second to none. I had so much help and support from my friends and family to make sure the thing was a success. A ton of people came out. The Deer Pile crew were so beautiful and amazing to everyone there. Most importantly, everyone had a great. Fucking. Time. Thanks to everyone who helped make it all possible: They are the folks who bought tickets, the musicians who performed, the projectionist, the sound man, the bar tenders. And shit, thanks you, you readers, you. Whether or not you realize it, just the fact that this website has an audience at all (even if it is a relatively small one) is enough to inspire me to go to work on stuff like Goldrush music festival. We had a couple of beautiful reviews I'd like to first draw your attention to while I say thank you to everyone once again, as I have a million times already... I can't thank everyone enough. Check out these great posts, complete with excellent photos of the event:

Westword Backbeat Recap by Sara Century and Tom Murphy

PORTALS Recap by Ryan Pjesky

So then. You may have noticed a severe lack in reviews on ye ol' forgetten TOME to the Weather Machine. But it's not that we haven't been writing... in fact, team-TOME (for this, Ryan H., Joey Wiley, and your humble Crawf) had been hard at work compiling reviews of 17 releases from sponsoring labels of GOLDRUSH to go in our festival zine + program combo. These many labels from far and wide generously offered their support of the fest, so this was our little — edit — very big way of saying thank you to them while at the same time offering our audience a nice take-away for coming out (in addition to a limited edition tape, more on that shortly). The writing we did is accomanied by some gorgeous black and white illustrations by my friend Caroline Teagle, who does all of the tape artwork for her brother Franklin's magnificent label, Tranquility Tapes (also a sponsor!). I thought the best way to share all of these reviews digitally would be to upload the pages so you can get a glimpse of her amazing artwork while reading up on these fantastic record labels and some of their newest releases, of which a few aren't even out yet officially. Also strewn about this post are pics of the actual printed zine for you to see, which show off the hard work we put into assembling them...

This is a 28-pg. + cover booklet, printed K/K on an HP Indigo press, 80# Classic Linen Cover, natural white for the covers, and 80# Classic Crest Text, natural white for the guts. Machine-trimmed, hand folded, hand collated, then hand stitched on a sewing machine for the binding, which was contributed by the wonderful and super-crafty Miranda Harp, an employee of Fancy Tiger Crafts, which is another of our sponsors and happens to be a beatiful store (no shit)! We did a quick face-trim to take care of the "creep" on the pages, and last (but certainly not least), I hand-numbered them, all 200 copies. Special thanks here to Jamie, Josh, Jake, Nicole and Evan for helping with the assembly (over beers and Stereolab's Emperor Tomato Ketchup one night before the festival) as well!

And here is the most important and best thing about this here SUPERPOST: I have more of these. Yeah, I think that everyone who came to the fest got one, and I still have a few left over! I would love to get a copy of this magazine into as many hands as possible, since I'm so proud of the work everyone put into it! If you'd like to buy one for $9 ppd in the US here's what you do: 


...and I think you/the internet should be able to take care of the rest.

Additionally you can also buy a copy of the festival companion tape we made, featuring music from 14 of the artists who played at the festival. The tracks were sequenced by me, and beautifully mastered for cassette by Ben Thompson and Joey Wiley, and Joey also dubbed them all and did a wonderful job of it. They look and sound terrific... but you don't have to take my word for it. $7 ppd in the US gets it into your tape deck. Here's what you do if you would like to buy one of the 100 existing hand-numbered copies, of which many have already been scooped up:


...and finally, if you'd like to nab both at the same time, we'll cut you a quick deal. $12 ppd in the US will get you a package containing one zine and one tape while supplies last. Here's what you do if you want to take that (very smart, economical) route:


(If you're out of the country and want to throw down on any of this, please just e-mail me for international rates.)

Have at it, folks, I'll let you know when we're sold out of stock... but there really aren't many left, so if you're at all interested, crack that clicking finger's knuckle and get on it!

...And now, without further ado, please enjoy a glimpse of the zine at your leisure. Clicking any of the embedded images will take you to a larger picture where you can read the reviews in full and marvel at Caroline's beautiful artwork.

Enjoy, and thanks again to everyone for making GOLDRUSH 2012 the overwhelming success that it was!



Front Cover

Title Page

Program Schedule

Festival Sponsors

Laser Palace: Thug EntrancerReady to Live Tape / Digitalis Industries: Altar Eagle, Nightrunners LP

Morning Pony Recorder: Ocean Bump, Letter 8 Tape / Headway Recordings: Cumulus, Nothing Matters Tape

Field Hymns: Andreas Brandal, Staying is Nowhere Tape / Hot Congress Records: The Blue Rider, Way Out West 7-inch

No Kings Record Cadre: Tim Coster, Mediterranean Years Tape / Geographic North: Windsor for the Derby, You Can't Hide Your Love Forever 7-inch

Middle Spread

Goldtimers: No Mind Meditation, Molecular Clock 2x C57 / Fire Talk: Alphabets, On Champagne and Greyhounds Tape 

Dub Ditch Picnic: Fletcher Pratt, Dub Sessions Vol. 2 Tape / Debacle Records: Zac Nelson, Charbroile LP

Lillerne Tapes: Various Artists, Compilation #2 Tape / Crash Symbols: Some Ember, Hotel of Lost Light Tape

Patient Sounds: M. Sage, Camouflage Repertoire Tape / Tranquility Tapes: Various Artists, Duets Tape

Tape Drift: Rambutan, The Temple of Echo CD-R


About the Contributors

Back Cover

Pics of the zine to show construction/paper (click image to enlarge)

September 30th, 2012