As a general, guiding philosophy I do too much. Apart from running this podcast/blog I started a label last year called Whited Sepulchre Records. I am releasing a new album by Midwife (a.k.a Sister Grotto) called "Like Author, Like Daughter". You may recognize Sister Grotto's name from my best of list. Her album "You Don't Have to Be a House to be Haunted" was an absolute masterpiece. For this Midwife project Madeline Johnston has teamed up with Tucker Theodore to create an album of thundreous power chords, stirring choruses and that kind of lump in your throat emotional honesty that you hear in fleeting glimpses in traditional "rock" songs. 

Recorded in the wake of her forced eviction from Denver's famed Rhinoceropolis home, Madeline has crafted songs that embody despondancy, lonelieness and longing - if only for a time - to turn that energy into songs that are bursting at the seams with an earned sense resiliency. A begrudging sense that things might be OK, even when singing your deepest regrets under a mountain of reverb and everyhting sounds like it is falling apart in the most complete way.

Pre-orders are up now. 

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Planning for Burial – “Whiskey and Wine” Below the House (The Flenser)

Talk Break

08:00 - Planning for Burial – “Whiskey and Wine” – Below the House (The Flenser)North

11:00 - Atlantic Drift – “Dream Sequence”Departures vol. 1 (Polar Seas Recordings)

16:15 - Terrence Hannum – “Impiety” Impiety (Umor Rex)

21:18 - Somesurpises – “Late July” Serious Dreams (Eiderdown Records)

26:48 - Gareth Flowers – “Second” Gareth Flowers/Ritual 77 Split (Tandem Tapes)

27:50 - Benjamin Finger – “Without Traces” Ghost Figures (Oak Editions)

30:50 - Knives of Spain – “Every Island Needs a Sea”Telluric (Hairy Spider Legs)

Talk Break

38:50 - Mukqs – “Belzenef”Useless Person (Umor Rex)

42:00 - MZK – “!SetSail!”SetSail (Bloxham Tapes)

48:05 - Strategy – “Noise Tape Emax”The Infinity File (Geographic North)

52:55 - Missing Organs – “Falten” Old Speakers (Umor Rex)

58:33 -Thé Déluge – “No Country”Forest Structures (Umor Rex)

1:03:25 - DJ DJ Tanner – “Bent Altar” ICE AT 1991 (Personal Archives)

Talk Break

1:08:35 - Desert Center – “Queensland Pitch Drop” You, Unfamiliar (Personal Archives)

1:19:30 - Roaring Twenties – “Lovesick” Roaring Twenties/Slow Chapel Split (Washed Recordings)

1:24:45 - Stars are Insane – "Winter Will Be Long and the Nights Will be Cold" To Be Here (Rok Lok Records)

Talk Break

1:30:25 - Persona Black – "((Defiled))"((Defiled)) – (Ephem-Aural)

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I once had a client astutely describe Drake's musical output as "songs that get you hyped, songs that get you in your feelings". I tried to pattern this podcast off of that observation. I also added "songs that blow your miiiiind."

04:05 - Adrian Knight – “Here Come the Blues” – On the Prowl Again (Galtta Media)
07:51 - Cola Necromancy – “Vacation Pamphlets” – Family Vacation (Illuminated Paths)
11:40 - Fenimore – “激怒 __ 謙虚” – ダイヤモンド JIM : 夢を完備 (Illuminated Paths)
17:08 - Koala Bear the Person – “Phantom Limb" - To Panda (Illuminated Paths)
19:33 - Sam Brown – “We Don’t Need Anybody” – Wheel of Fortune (Illuminated Paths)
24:45 - NAH – “May 7th (Feat Moor Mother) – MICHAEL (Self Released)
26:53 - J good. – “Ashenil” – this (Illuminated Paths)

Talk break

33:15 - Hey Exit – “It Lasts a Very Long Time” – Slow Names 4: The Bitter Scent of Light (Of Plants)
35:00 - Bvdub – “04” – Yours are Stories of Sadness (Sound in Silence)
37:44 - Daniel J. McKenzie – “Unser Blauer Morgen” – Every Time Feels Like the Last Time (Eilean Records)
44:10 - Stabilo – “As Well “ – Andrew (Sound in Silence)

Talk break

52:55 - Lung Cycles – “Field of Glass” – On Being Lumpy (Lily Discs and Tapes)
58:20 - Deadman’s Ghost – “Antidote” – Hypocritical Oath ( Ephem-Aural)

Talk break

1:04:33 - Expo 70 – “Village of Forst” – Exquisite Lust (Sonic Meditations)
1:11:10 - Magic Arrows - “Coloured Mallard” – Shortwave Now (Illuminated Paths)
1:16:50 - Darsomba - “From Insects to Aliens” – Polyvision (Sonic Meditations)

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